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Unnecessary controversies

On my way back home from work, I happened to stop by a bakery to pick up some goodies. But before I could even lay my eyes on any of the eatables, my eyes were drawn to something I found disturbing. Stuck up on the wall of the bakery, was an animated yet disturbing picture of Jesus lying on the floor ……With people stamping him on the floor.

I quickly read through it ……..

…..And I couldn’t help but write this post to express my views. I don’t intend to offend anyone……Afterall I am entitled to my own view.
I fail to understand the need to create a controversy over how the holy Eucharist should be received. The argument in the picture states that when we receive the communion on hand, it could lead to a few particles falling onto the ground, which if stamped would result a disrespect to Christ.

I don’t buy this argument. What about the microscopic fragments of the communion that might fall off when we receive the communion on our tongue? Isn’t every microscopic particle, even though unseen ….Equally holy?

Another argument was that the hand could be unclean to hold the communion. Does the amount of filth we speak from the tongue, leave the tongue any cleaner than the hands? …….I doubt.

Respect doest come from external etiquettes, it comes from internal reverence and respect.

Nowadays people have almost lost the sense of sin……. It’s OK to gossip, OK to lie, OK to talk filth……And many more things.

So I guess instead wasting time on unnecessary controversies on how the Eucharist should be received, more focus should be on how we could clean ourselves internally and prepare it for the arrival of God. 

Until then…..I can only hope that people don’t waste their time and resources for such controversies.

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My 1st Fairy garden πŸ˜‡

After years of waiting ……I finally made my first fairy garden.

From the first time I watched a video on how to make a fairy garden…..I knew I wanted to make one, but somehow never ended up getting the required things.

Today somehow things just fell in place …..And finally my tiny little fairy garden is ready.

For those who don’t know what a fairy garden is……Well it’s a miniature garden ….With miniature plants …..miΓ±iature houses…..Small tiny tiny things to please little fairies or pixies to come and live in πŸ˜‡.

Well my fairy garden consists of a small house on a landscaped space……Maybe a countryside ….With a rocky path leading to a small pond.

I hope some fairies look upon it and come to stay…..

…..Until then I am pleased with my first fairy garden…… Looking forward to the next.
The side view……..

The back view……

The front view….

The giant inspecting the garden.😁

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Feeling happy 😊

Does it happen to everybody ???

There are some faces you would love to hate….

Some faces you would never want to see again…..

Some faces that give you that negative vibes….. 😨

You can’t stand the sight of those faces ………no matter how much you try…..

…..For a reason at times…..And sometimes without any.

Then there are those happy faces 😁….. That just radiate happiness around.

No matter what state you are in ….. They’ll push a smile on your face.

…..Even the thought of the happy face brings up a grin.

You can’t help but feel that positive vibe ….When you’re around them.

Blessed are the happy faced people ….. Because they make another life happy.

This is a tribute to one of my happy faced student …..Who makes me laugh , when there is no reason to. Who makes me grin , when I try to be the most serious, but above all who ……..Makes me happy….With her happy spirits.

And though to the world it may look like an unbalanced equation of us 2…..Who cares as long as both the sides are happy 😁.

God bless this happy child.

Thanks Andrea……..My happy girl.

You truely make me HAPPY !

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Clean……By Taylor Swift

The drought was very worst, ah ah 

when the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst

It was months and months of back an forth

It was months, and months of back and forth, ah ah

You’re still over me like a wine stained dress I can’t wear anymore

Hung my head as I lost the war and the sky turned black like a perfect storm

Rain came pouring down when I was drowning

That’s when I could finally breathe

And my morning gone was the trace of you, I think I was finally clean 

There was nothing left to do, ah ah

When the butterflies turned to dust, they covered my whole room

So I punched a hole in the roof, ah ah

Let the flood carry away all the pictures of you

The water filled my lungs , I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing

Rain came pouring down when I was drowning

That’s when I could finally breathe

And my morning gone was the trace of you, I think I was finally clean 

I think I am finally clean, ah

Said, I think I am finally clean, ah

Ten months sober, I must admit

Just because you’re clean don’t mean you don’t miss it

Ten months older I won’t give in

Now that I’m clean I’m never gonna risk it

The drought was the very worst, ah ah

When the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst

Rain came pouring down when I was 


That’s when I could finally breathe

And by morning, gone was any trace of you,

 I think I am finally clean

Rain came pouring down when I was drowning

That’s when I could finally breathe

And by morning, gone was any trace of you, 

I think I am finally clean

Finally clean, think I’m finally clean, ah ah

Think I’m finally clean

Clean – Taylor Swift (Cover by Travis Atreo)

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James Arthur

Thanks to my research on mashups, I discovered this talented singer, with a style of his own……..James Arthur.

Here are 5 of his soundtracks…….The first 2 are cool… 

Go ahead ……Enjoy James Arthur