Scientific studies say that we are born with only one fear, the fear of heights. That too to prevent us from falling. The rest of our fears we pick up or create in our minds.

My mind has created many for me, the worst being the fear of fear. Sounds stupid i know….. but believe me, it does exists.

Life was going smooth until one incident exposed  my vulnerability. Fear of failure engulfed my mind ….I was filled with anxiety, I felt dizzy and weak. I survived the event, but I guess the damage was done. And the damage was to a great extent, because for years after, I still experienced many of these panic attacks. 

Everybody atleast once in a lifetime must have experienced a fearful moment. And most of them manage to overcome it over a while……but not all. For some it takes a lifetime. And unaware to the world outside, the battle goes on ……within the mind.

So over the years ……there have been moments of over anxiety, moments of loneliness and hopelessness, there have been lost opportunities, there has been sickness, vomiting syndromes, there has been crying ,there were moments so close to death……and still through all the pain……..somehow……. there was still a little hope.

Somehow everytime I fell to my lowest ….I still had a little strength to get up. And in those darkest moments of life……I must say …I found my God. These darkest moments may have taken away the light from my life……but in return they gave me a deeper sense of life.

They have made me more humble, more sensitive and more empathetic. 

The battle is not over……I guess I am just Midway……so there’s a lot to come. 

There will be a lot of fight, there will be a lot of failure. But life must go on….and surely it will, till I have my God at my side and the right people to standby me.

Finally to end…………

“The toughest battles are fought in the mind. And the greatest enemy at times is our ownself.”