Oh yes it hurt and yes it pained just cutting of those long lovely locks. My hair were not an asset that I would flaunt infront of the world. They were a part of me ……something that I longed for ever since I was a child. Ask a girl who was never allowed to grow her hair…..and had to be satisfied looking at other girls just flaunt their hair. Oh the pain …..I still remember. I remember how I was mocked by girls and even boys for having a boy cut . I remember how I used to be cheated and taken to the parlour to chop my hair. I remember myself crying as the scissors just cut through them. I remember my rebellion in deciding to cut my hair only at the men’s saloon because I didn’t want to feel low infront of the women at the parlour. Oh …….the number of memories.

And then finally, after ages…. I was allowed to let them grow……..and they grew and grew …..years passed by and i hardly realised how long they had grown. And how close I had grown to them.

So cutting them really hurt ………but the happiness knowing that they would be used for a better purpose was much more.

I had read about this campaign by name Hair for hope on Facebook. This campaign works to bring about awareness of breast cancer amongst women. Cancer patients undergoing chemotheraphy lose their hair. One of an important service of the organization is providing wigs for such cancer patients. They make wigs out of natural hair and give them free to patients in need. And hence they encourage people to donate their hair.

I personally felt very inspired and decided to donate my own hair. The minimum length required was 15 inches. My overall hair was a little longer except for some strains that I had cut. But nevertheless the decision was final. And approved by mother too.

On 1st October 2016 I visited my neighbours parlour and got the locks cut. The hair was packed and sent to the required address.

The reason for the haircut was not disclosed until the campaign confirmed the donation by posting it on Facebook.

The post received many likes, encouragement,blessings and even stupid comments. The objective ultimately was not a publicity stunt, the objective was awareness. Awareness about the disease, awareness of how life can become more meaning full by giving.

Finally I’ll quote myself ……

Anybody interested in more details on hair donation can read more on the Hair for Hope page on Facebook.