A small warning before you read this blog. If you already have a pessimistic approach towards life….than this ones not for you.

Well I just decided to make a note of a few lessons that I learnt in the course of my life. Most are depressing but from my perspective they are a hundred percent true, but ……….don’t worry not applicable to all.

So here they are…..

1. The ones closest to you are the ones who can hurt you the most.

2. Everybody has different experiences in life……so your opinion, need not be my reality.

3. Some people are just born unlucky. But they have a right to live too.

4. Life is unjustified……and don’t ask me to justify this fact. Believe me it’s true and there is no one to complain to.

5. Most of us are just surviving……. Very few are actually living.

6. The society that breeds you…..is gonna try to kill you at every step.

7. If you are living with a person with a filthy mindset……than God help you…coz you’re life is doomed. 

8. There are some problems in life which come to rest …..only with death. I know this ones very depressing …..but what to do , that’s the way it is.

9. There are people who try , they really try ……but somehow it never works out, and finally they give up. Please don’t call them losers. It takes loads of courage to keep trying.

10. Sometimes the only thing we can do is hope……just keep hoping against hope. Keep hoping that someday all the broken pieces of life, all put together ….might makes sense to us.

I wrote this post when I was feeling low, so it’s very depressing I know. But when I read it even when I am in a good mood…..it all still makes sense. But as I said … ..nothing to worry.