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To the friends we meet …..

Well this is a post that I came across on fb. And it is a post I could really relate to. Life at times is a wonderful story ……sometimes we live with people for ages , knowing little about them. And sometimes we meet people for a short while and it feels like we’ve known them for ages. 

One thing I will always be grateful to God is that throughout my life he has send me good friends.

 I may have seen the darkest shades of life……but I have also met people who have surely brightened my life.

So to all my friends ….short term or long term…..old or young …….friends who were there through thick and thin…thanx for being part of jolta’s journey.

Jolta never forgets her friend ………..she is just a Hi ! away.

Please read the above link…….its dedicated to all my friends.



Joalita .....or Jolta is just one from the crowd. And every post on this blog is one from the crowd of the random thoughts that pass her mind.

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