“Times have changed and so have people”. 

Another random post.This time to express my concern and anguish over a disturbing trend I’ve been noticing amonst the present youth …….specifically the ones below 25 years.

There is a student in the institute i work ,who roams about blatantly breaking all rules of the institute. And he intentionally exhibits a very defying kind of a body language……. As tough to say “my life my rules”.

So what’s with him and me ? Oh he ventured into my territory ๐Ÿ™‚ .One fine evening as i was engaged in my class, all of a sudden we were disturbed by a thundering sound. My words were leaving my mouth ….but were not reaching the listeners ears. Out of irritation i peeped out of the window to identify the source of the noise. Two storeys below i found the the same student royally displaying his skills on a Royal Enfield. Maybe he wanted the world to acknowledge the fact that he was a self proclaimed king. 

Two days later i happened to encounter him. So I expressed my dismay about the same. The student as expected displayed his defying body language and just ignored me. 

He didn’t know that by doing so he had provoked the self declared Queen (myself). What followed was a heated argument between us. Ironically he justified himself saying……” It’s an Enfield ….it’s gotta make sound”. 

Crazy!!!!!!! So am I suppose to stop my class to pay respects to your Enfield …because it makes sound? Secondly he counter questioned me as to why I didn’t have a problem with other students doing it. I wonder what made him think that I was targeting only him. I guess he considers himself a hero and a villain too.

So this was it….end of the story. It’s not the first time I have got into an altercation with a student. But It is the first time I am writing about it. What disturbs me about such incidents is nothing do at a personal level. 

I feel disturbed about how youngsters nowadays don’t accept any authority above them……no parents, no teachers…..nobody.

It’s disturbing to see how they will look at you in the eye and challenge you……inspite of being at fault.

Humility, respect, these are virtues extinct nowadays.

I remember how I used to be so scared of my parents and teachers. Just a stare was enough. I used to be scared of my elders not because I felt threatened but because I respected their authority over me. For that matter even a peon or a sweeper would get the same respect from me. I ain’t trying to boast about myself or my upbringing. 

I feel very disturbed thinking what this generation is going to grow up to…..what type of society will it be. How will this generation expect respect from their kids , when they don’t know to respect their own elders today.I have even seen a complete phase reversal in some cases where parents are scared of their kids nowadays.

Times to come are gonna be bad ,really bad. I can only hope I never live too see those days. 

Kalyug hai ghor kalyug !