There was a time when I used to hate seeing my childhood photos. But I guess, times have changed now. 

Today when I see the same pics I tend to admire that little baby me.

In that baby me I see a happy child, the charm, the innocence, the carefree mind, and the spark for life. 

Well today there is no charm that remains, the innocence stands destroyed by society, the carefreeness has been replaced by worries of each day and the spark surely has been lost. 

But the child still survives. There is no doubt that she is caged in an adult frame. But she still survives. And I hope I can keep her alive as long as can be. 

Every time I see my childhood pic I realise how complicated our lives have become today. If only we could live a little less complicated, and a more simple life. If only the child within each of us could be free………until then……..I’ll have to be satisfied admiring these pics of the baby me.