I read a few posts about yesterday’s voting and I felt like expressing my own views.

Yesterdays assembly elections had a lot of festive colours added to it. The election commission did a lot to encourage voters to come out and cast their vote. Pink booths, Teddy bears for first time female voters etc etc.  Good job done. But did it help ?????

I felt like the situation of the voter was similar to a situation where stale food is served on a luxurious plate. I don’t think the plate would entice people to eat the stale food. ( I hope you got it……plate >> elections and stale food >> our same old corrupt candidates)

The other day I was in a discussion with my colleague. He was of the opinion that change would never come. And voting is basically a waste of time. He quoted Mark Twain 

Now I don’t know, under what circumstances Mr mark Twain made such a statement.  Well I believe in elections. And I believe that democracy is one form of governance where people still have a say. But at the same time …….there is something more. I remember what my brother once told me ….

I feel it’s true…..we get what we deserve. We complaining of corruption and injustice. I think each of us is to blame for it. Can we deny the fact that we do not indulge into corruption even at the smallest level ? Don’t we encourage it ? And then console ourselves saying it’s part of the system.

I would like to mention a small observation here. The institute I work at has spent a lot on keeping the campus clean. After the Governments swaach Bharat campaign, a lot of events were organised to bring about awareness amongst everybody , not only students.

But everyday I enter a classroom there are chip packets, chocolate wrappers strewn over the place. At times i pick up some because I can’t stand the sight. But sometimes i feel so hopeless that I let it be. We complain about the country being dirty !!!!! Who creates this mess ? Well it’s the educated, well to do people like me. 

When you throw even a small wraper in a place where it is not meant to be disposed ….you are committing a crime. You are disrespecting the land. You disrespect public property. And in simple words you disrespect the country itself.

So if each one of us is so very comfortable disrespecting the country why make a hue and cry when our politicians do? 

After all they just dirtying the system just like the common man dirties the streets. What’s different between us and them. 

We have another classic example of the reservation system. Who is keeping it alive after so many years of Independence? Are the politicians to blame alone? Aren’t educated and well do to people benefiting from it ???

Every election there is money and liquor flowing illegally. Would the money be flowing if people would not be receiving it? Some may justify their act saying it’s the people’s money going back to the people…… Huh ! How low could people stoop! A lie is a lie no matter how many people decide to believe it. And no matter what situation we may be going through ……we always have a choice…..we always do. 

Patriotism is not only standing up for national anthems, or wearing the tricolor or posting great things about one country and spitting out hate on an enemy country.

Patriotism should be each day ……from the simplest thing like keeping your surrounding clean, respecting public property, saving water, saving electricity …………

Finally what I wish to say is that we are lucky to be still having a right to vote. Not all countries give their citizens that right. But having said that I am not denying the misuse of our Democratic setup. Votes are being bought……or should I say people are selling their votes, just as easily as they sell their conscience.

If we want to change the system , we need to begin with ourselves. We may not see the system change immediately but atleast we can say that we did our part. 

I will do my part as a citizen. I love my country , I love the land , I respect it’s people but not their mindset. 

Right now I know we are in a hopeless situation ….but I am and I will continue to be hopeful……hopeful for a bright and better state and a better country.