In today’s world these 3 terms get interlinked quite often. No matter how modernized our societies get ……..the common man’s stereotype thinking is not going to change soon.

The equation followed by society is somewhat like this

Girl + Boy = √frienship + (love)^2 + (gossip)^5

The interpretation of the formula :

If you see a girl or boy together meeting often, having tea sometimes or just interacting like normal human beings…… Then? Then ? ……it’s not simple friendship…that factor is the least possible. Hence the square root. 

So what’s it all about? Oh it’s surely love ……love ( lovers in the day exchanging glances ….wondering in the corridors what were the chances…. 🙂 ). Hence the (love) square. 

But the formula doesn’t end at the second term. The third term is very important , that’s the term that decides everything….. Gossip. 

Girl + boy in love ……how did it all happen? Was she attracted to him or was he attracted to her? Why has she changed her style of dressing …..obviously him. Why has he lost weight ? … impress her. Why did she cut her hair? ……he may have told her to. Why was he holding the umbrella the other day…..obviously for her again, didn’t you notice her skin , she is so fair. Now he drinks tea with her …….she must practicing to be a good wife already. How shameless could they be? …..shouldn’t they be more responsible about their behaviour at their work place. The girl ……..never looked like she could be an open flirt. The boy ….never thought he would be a fool………….. And this is how the stories go on and on and on.

But aware of everything the girl and boy decide to be in their own world enjoying each other’s company as good friends and more importantly respecting each other. They follow their own formula

Girl + boy = good friends 

The formula is simple and straight. There is no explanation required. There is a saying in Hindi which says that……” You need to be true to yourself ,forget the people ,  they are still upset with God himself.”

But at times these gossips really get me irritated.

So people out there who take great pleasure in manipulating relations for their own entertainment……….. Someday look into the mirror and spit at the person you see. Because the one you see there is worth that disrespect.

Life is to short to complicate it for others. If you have a lot of garbage in your mind…..I am sorry you will have to segregate it yourself……don’t dump it into somebody else’s mind……the world already has a lot of mess to be cleaned up. If you still feel something is wrong….. be courteous enough to tell the girl and boy. 

As for the girl and boy ……….let them be good friends as long as can be.