Most of us are surely blessed with many Cousins, and so am I. But I have my preferences and hence I have my favorite one. My favorite cousin………well she is my extended family , extended sibling, friend, sometimes my confidant, my partner in crime (can’t exactly remember doing any but). 

So what bonds us so well? I guess it’s the fact that we both still feel we are kids. She a 25 year old kid and I am a 30 year old kid. Another thing common to us is that we like to try out creative things. I would say she inspires me to still be creative. 

Birthdays are an occasion where at times and if we are in mood, we try exhibiting our creative talent to each other. 

So this year my cousin gifted me a canvas painting done by her. Hmm dear I like your concept of me and a cat. I love cats you see 🙂 thank you so much . I loved the background of the painting too.

Next was my turn.I gifted her a card on her birthday. I picked up some ideas for the card from one of my colleague. The card was made into a box, that could be open or closed with a lid. Inside was a miniature cake , made of clay and painted over with acrylic paint. Cake was set with a candle made of toothpick. I made a small knife of silver foil to cut the cake.

Wanted to make it colourful so painted some buntings, which later reminded me of my prayer flags. 🙂
Finally in the evening I gifted the card and asked her to cut the cake…….which she did.

Sometimes it’s just these small things that make up the best memories of life.

Happy birthday dear cousin once more.