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God became man…..

God became man …….

Yes he did. And man not only in looks, but man in whole totallity. A man who would love with all his heart …..and who would also want to be loved.

A man who wouldn’t want to hate anybody…..but would not spare his anger seeing the temple turned into a market place.

A man so brave …..that he could face the insults, the condemnation, the betrayal and finally……..the cross.

But above all…..he was man ……man so vulnerable, man so overwhelmed with fear …… so broken down by pain …..a man so weak.

How much more human could God have been ? 

Those moments at the garden of Gethsemane …… lonely he stood amongst a group of so many. 

The knowledge of being God himself ……not enough to wade away the surmounting fear in the heart.

Human as he was ……he cried……

Humble as he was …..he pleaded…. “father if you be willing, then take away this cup from me, but”…….

Broken as he was…..he still gathered a little strength to go on ……… “but may your will be done and not mine.”

How much more human, could God have been?

As I recall the entire scene of the Passion of Christ ……what strikes me the most is not the fact that he died on the cross. What big deal for God to die on a cross afterall ? He was like a magician all his life. He multiplied bread , cured the sick and even raised some from the dead. So couldn’t he have just played a fool on the cross.

Sarcastic as I may sound……it is what anybody would have thought. And that is where the garden of Gethsemane comes in.

He was God ……but he chose to become Man. Man in all totality. A human, as human as you and me. 

There was no added advantage of being God left anymore. Fear , anxiety , pain …he went through it all. 

God died on the cross …. that’s the half told story. God became MAN and died on the cross ….that’s the full version.

Everytime I recall the agony at the garden of Gethsemane …..I am reassured that my God cares. My God cares because he feels pain , he feels anxiety , he feels fear …..Just like you and me.

I am reassured that after reaching our lowest point…..we would still be able to rise up from our fears and our pain ……..because he cares. 

How much more human could God have been? 

Have a blessed Lent .



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2 thoughts on “God became man…..

  1. wonderful thoughts on the sufferings of Christ…. and expressed poetically. Yes, it is easy to imagine God dying on the cross, but God turned Man… that’s a tough ask. Yet, He went even through this ignominy to win our love

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