I am writing this post to preserve the memories of our recently formed ” Green Tea Group (GTG)” at my workplace.

Tea was a beverage enjoyed by man from centuries beyond. In the recent centuries there has been an onset of various types of tea. The recent craze being Green Tea.

Here are some of the benefits of green tea ……

I have a few to add ….

11. Brings people together for tea time.

13. Provides knowledge about different variety of tea cups (ceramic & thermal cups)

14. Gives an opportunity to make up for the lost calories by tasting various tea time snacks.

15. Provides enough time to discuss blog posts.

There were some more benefits…… Unfortunately they are irrelevant now.As I end this post , I feel sad that the “GTG” group was short lived. Owing to other priorities each of us couldn’t make time for that…….. One refreshing sip of green tea. Nevertheless the short time spent has left its strong memories …..like the taste of the green tea. 

“All good things come to an end”.So long live Green tea ……and long live ………the memories of  GTG. 🙌