Life and it’s ironies ……. Sometimes it all looks like a joke.

Today I had to make a visit to the biggest government hospital in my state. I have been to the same hospital a couple of times earlier too…….And I must say I don’t have good memories of this place. 

Since it is a government hospital and certain health facilities are provided only at this place , you will always find this hospital crowded with people. People from all walks of life. It seems like the hospital unites people in the name of cure. 

I feel claustrophobic in crowds so I had mentally prepared myself for the worst. 

When I reached the registration counter (2hrs before it opened) I was amazed at the sight I saw. There were 3 queues ….1 for men, 1 for women and 1 for senior citizens. The amazing part was that the 3 queues didn’t comprise of people ….People here were replaced by plastic bags 😂.  

The first irony of life ……… When there is common consensus amonst men …..Then anything can be given worth. A plastic bag can replace a human! And if required the same worth can be taken away ……Just like how our 1000 rupee notes were turned into paper pieces in one night.

My mother had already laid down our bag in the queue. But somebody had to guard it ……Else it could be shuffled with the other bags.

As I stood near the queue I had no other work to do than observing people. People at the hospital were from all walks of life. Hindu to Muslim, young to old , men to women. A section of people were busy discussing the difficulties they had to face in coming to the hospital. There were others discussing the lack of a proper system at the hospital . While still some others were on guard like me……guarding our place in the queue. 

I tried smiling at an elderly man just to send a good vibe in the tensed atmosphere. But what I got was a stern look, as tough he intended saying ” don’t give me that innocent look girl….I know you want to take my place in the queue”. No dear gentleman I didn’t. Anyways I managed to start a conversation with a lady by myside.

In a crowd of strangers anybody can be your friend.

Stupid as I am …..I identified the father of my colleague and initiated a conversation with him too. I was amused listening to his complaints about my colleague. Amusing …..thinking about how my parents would have a longer list of complaints about me 😂.
For the next 5 hours life was gonna test my patience . From one queue to the other, me and my mother waited for our turn with the doctor. We waited and waited, for what seemed like eternity . I could almost feel my tear glands twitching ……I was prepared for a breakdown amongst the colossal crowd of people. Just then my father’s name was called out. 

Oh what a relief !!!… my colleague’s father said …..It felt like winning a lottery ticket.

We were in with the doctor for almost an hour. 

Second irony of life …….at the hospital I observed how every human was in a race ….A race to be first in the queue, a race to be cured first ,…….basically a race to survive. But at the end we know the truth……but we still try. We still hope ….We still pray that …..Life could be still longer…..Life could be still better……And life could be still happier.

As my friend says ” the hospital walls have seen more prayers than the temples”……..another irony of life.

So to end …..My father was finally checked by the doctor and we returned home all tired. But me…..well as usual I came home with all my observations of life. And finally typed them down so that someday when I read it…….I learn to be more grateful to God……Grateful for every little thing in life. 

I pray that people may not have to visit hospitals often in life. And those that do…..I pray that they return back with a cure and a hope for……..LIFE.