Cats one of God’s most beautiful creation. Well I love cats. And I am madly in love with my baby……Smarty.

Smarty was brought home on 18 December 2015. When brought he resembled a squirrel. I was upset about his colour……I never liked the orange brown colour of cats. Moreover he looked very skinny and he hardly had any fur.

But with time this little tiny thing began growing …..And as he grew he kept surprising us. Within 3 months he was almost the size of an adult. The almost naked catty was wearing a thick fur coat now. And the tiny wriggly tail had transformed into a gigantic caterpillar now.

As a kitten Smarty had developed a habit of biting. I thought it was normal for all babies……I even got him a teether, assuming that he was biting due to his teeth. Nothing changed and after 2 years it’s seems like are baby hasn’t grown out of that habit. 

I have a bad habit too……Of keeping stupid , illogical pet names for my cats. Names ranged from “pampus” to “piglet”. Well smarty’s pet name was …..”packet”. No logical explanation for the name….But sometimes I feel he is  my small packet of happiness.

Cats are cute, portable, clean, less maintenance as compared to dogs. You can just squeeze them, run your hands through their fur, enjoy their licks, feel those soothing vibrations as they purr and envy them as they laze the whole day. Besides this there is a lot more that only cat lovers would understand. 

But in return they demand their rights….Right to good food, right to laze the entire day, right to share the bed space.

So to all my previous cats….Spoty, sandy, brandy, Wendy, and Jimmy …..And my present baby Smarty…..I love you all.

   ” I LOVE CATS “