Disney movies have always mesmerized me. I get literally drowned in the fairy tales. Songs from The hunchback of Notre Dame, Lion King, Cinderella, Alladin still play in my mind. 

A couple of days back , thanks to my cousin I got to watch Beauty and the Beast once more. I had already watched the animated version earlier. But when it’s a Disney movie……Everytime you watch it, is like the first time. So here I was watching the movie, knowing what is going to happen, but still getting excited. 

But this time, thanks to my overactive mind, the movie left me with some different thoughts. I felt I should put them down before they fly away.

Beauty and the Beast ……I think each of us has both the characters within us. We have a Beauty ….Our good side, our virtues, humility, concern, love etc etc. And then you have the Beast …….Our bad side, our bad habits, our gossips, jealousy, hate and all that is evil within us. And you also have the rose, with its petals falling…..Reminding us that life comes with an expiry. There is a constant battle between Beauty and the Beast. And we should always hope that the Beast ends and……….Beauty prevail. Love should prevail. Our goodness should prevail over the evil within us.

If not we would be cursed forever to be a beast. 

This image is from the animated version. The prince is seen to be refusing the rose offered to him because the lady appeared ugly. I loved what the enchantress said to the prince as she cast the spell on him…….” Beauty lies within”. 

People today won’t mind spending any amount to look beautiful ( to themselves or others I really don’t know). Ull find the most sophisticated cosmetics in the market. 

But …….As this quote says

Real beauty is not based on skin…..It’s your heart, mind and character.

If only we would be ready to see our character in the mirror ……Rather than our skin…….

If only everything could end as beautifully as a Disney movie….

If only we truely realized that Beauty lies within……

If only we realised that we have a choice to be Beauty or the Beast.