The rose looked even more beautiful without its colour. A simple photo edit of the rose convinced me that Beauty had nothing to do with colour. 

After years of struggle, the world has almost got rid of racism and apartheid. But just as life evolves so does evil. In today’s times we have come up with a new form of discrimination…….Colourism or Shadeism.

Social status and social acceptance has been associated to shade of the skin. Fairness is glorified as the pinnacle of beauty, in the advertisements of cosmetic products these days. A person with a fairer shade has been entrusted with a sense of fake superiority and a person with a darker shade is forced to feel inferior in his own skin. 

The world today is so convinced that God doesn’t have a sense of colour. 

People are forced to spend colossal amounts of money to rectify the errors made by their Creator. I guess God needs to attend a beautician course.

I wonder whether the human race would ever be able to rid itself from this divide of colours it has created……

I wonder whether black and white would always be forced to hate each other……

But irrespective of all the ugliness and divide on colours I am still convinced about the fact that…….