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For a little wise man

This one’s for you. And I know you will understand when you read it. When you said you could have just blogged about me, it made me think….Yup why not? If somebody’s presence has made a difference in your life, then why not go ahead and acknowledge it? …..After all life is too short and…….Blah blah blah 😁

So I first saw you at the interviews and I was amazed by the way you were enthralling your friends by your talks. I must have never thought then that life was showing me a trailer of what was soon to come. Very soon I was going to be enthralled by your talks.

My second interaction with you was at the institute where we were both destined to work together. I saw you in the practical lab and since you were my new colleague I smiled…..Totally out of courtesy. You looked at me and gave me a look, like to say ” whose this female? Why is she smiling ?”

Next we had our formal introductions to each other. I tried to be friendly but you were totally on guard. It was like ” lady I mean business here, don’t ask me anything extra?” . I was also in my mind ” little boy I also mean business here, but can you just chill?”. The first few months we acted very professional…..We both meant business afterall 😁😁. So when did things change??? 

Hmm I also don’t exactly remember when or how. But yes the tea experiment did make a huge difference. 

So what’s this post about? Well it’s to let you know how I viewed you.

Well you’re almost 6- 7 or maybe even more years younger to me in age. But when it comes to wisdom, maturity, experiences in life………man !  you’re an adult and I am just a toddler…..a sulking crying baby 👶
Unlike me you never whine about your problems. But at times I feel you could have actually shared some of your problems. But maybe you felt why burden this old lady ?…..She is already moaning about the cross she carries 😰 Little one I may have not carried your cross…..But I would surely walk two steps with you to make you feel better. And in turn I would also be encouraged to carry my own cross. But nevermind, it’s each one’s choice.

I literally forced you to share my cross when I was hit by ‘ The Controversy’. You willing did it too. That’s when you shared a little of your cross….. Something you have been carrying for ages. Some crosses come with COLOUR …..Right? But if you read my earlier post, I have tried to make it clear that “the heart never knows the colour of the skin”. I know it’s easy said than done. And I know that the world is not going to change its perception even if they read my post. But who cares???? I don’t. So buddy, you don’t  too 😁

Your simplicity the next. Your simplicity even deceived me…..I never realised that behind those plain clothes, and within that thin frame, was a gifted writer, a talented and well experienced musician and of course a sleeping artist. When I heard you sing the first time…..I was dumbstruck 😵. You’re good at deceiving the world. And the world is happy to get deceived. I am sure there must have been gossips about you’re dressing. But buddy I am your senior ……. Nobody can beat me when it comes to bad dressing…..And of course you know the colours I like…..Black. People have a problem with black skin, black clothes…..I wonder what’s their opinion about black hair?. Should I paint them too? Hypocrisy everywhere. But who cares???? I don’t  😁 So buddy you don’t too. 

You know something? I still feel you are a priest in making. The way you talk, the way you give sermons (you’re high level simple complex talks that go over some meatballs of 72kgs 😀) ….The way you explain so many concepts from the Bible, they make me believe that God has sent a prophet right next to me. I actually could see that halo on you’re head at times 😇. These traits you show may have been a result of your closessness to the church. Because otherwise you’re that patient lover…… Waiting for his beloved to come someday soon. As of now doesn’t seem like you have left any place for a priest. 

OK now the last thing, and this is something that upsets me. I know you’re my little wise man but ” being brave doesn’t mean you land yourself in trouble”. So ‘No’ ….You don’t have to experience everything in life. Specially if an old lady like me is telling you it’s bad. Stop experimenting things on yourself. The truth is not relative ….you see 😁. So if something is bad….It’s bad. You don’t have to experience it to be convinced that it is bad. Now don’t say “who cares??? I care. 😁 And so should you.

Should I say anything about you’re long bucket list?????? Maybe we  should keep that a secret na?😊 Why let the world know?

I am sorry seems like it’s not yet last. You have a special regard for women. Maybe it’s the 2 special women at home that have shaped you’re mindset. I wish more men could be like you. But yes, you still view some girls as hot chicks 🐤. Mind you some chicks peck. 😁

So my little wise man. Life made us cross each other’s path and I am happy about that. I have learnt a lot from you and I’ll be grateful for that. I don’t know if we would be meeting again but WordPress could help us be in touch. 

I don’t want to say Adeus …..But right now AI mhojem khalliz re fapsorta 😁

So thank you buddy, for just being there, not as my younger brother ( I’ll always remember it’s all bullshit), but as my little wise man filled with all wisdom. You will always be in my prayers. And life will definitely bring you the best it can offer. 

Until we meet again……take care little one 😉



Joalita .....or Jolta is just one from the crowd. And every post on this blog is one from the crowd of the random thoughts that pass her mind.

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