The morning of April 1st (All fool’s day), I typed a post, published it and immediately got a notification saying …..”it’s you’re 50th post”. Yippee I can’t believe I reached this far. I am not a great writer (that’s confirmed by the number of followers I have 😂), but there is a lot in my mind and one good way of bringing it out is writing. 

So when something strikes me, any experience I don’t want to forget, something disturbs me or when I am bored studying for my exam ……I blog. I guess that’s how I reached the 50 mark.

I intend to improve my vocabulary and the quality of my post…..But until then I can be content that I reached the 50 mark 😊. 

And guess what ??? the moment I posted this post, I received my 100th like 😁 WordPress is this all a All fool’s day prank ????