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The tale of 2 Rings ….

I don’t like wearing ornaments and i am a fashion illiterate…..Just one exception….I like rings. Unfortunately for me I have tiny fingers which can’t be adorned with rings. So I used to satisfy myself by admiring rings adorning fingers other than mine.

Couple of days back, as I was cleaning my room I found a tiny metal ring. Just to satisfy my desire, I slipped it on my left index finger and…..voila! It looked cool. Atleast I liked it 😁. So I left it on my finger. I wore it to work as a test-drive and luckily for me nobody objected. It made my left hand look classy I felt. To be safe I did some research to find out the significance of wearing a ring on the forefinger, lest it signifies marriage or something……and people end up with wild imaginations. I was happy to know that a ring on the index finger signified authority. Well I don’t mind being in authority 😋. After all Queens are meant to rule 👸

So the ring remained on the finger, and she drew my attention quite often. A few days later, during the second phase of my room cleanup ( can imagine the mess) , I stumbled over another ring. Now this ring altough ordinary, has a very sentimental value, because it belongs to the woman I love. 

Well the ring belongs to my maternal grandmother who lives in heaven now. It was a replacement to her marriage ring. Yes, you heard it right….A replacement. My grandmother came from a poor family and was married at a very young age. She had 4 kids and was widowed at an equally early age. The young lady or should I say the young girl had to make ends meet to keep her 4 kids going. She worked as a maid cum labourer for the landlord’s. Besides she was a farmer, growing the fields year after year. But at times what she earned couldn’t suffice even the basic needs of her kids. The landlady was kind enough to lend her money at times. But how much of debt could she afford?. Life was harsh, but she had to survive. So when the need arised she sold the marriage ring.

A young mother, a young widow, selling off her marriage ring…..Wonder what emotions she must have gone through? Was she sad about losing a symbol of her marriage? Or was she at peace that she now had a little money to look after her 4 young ones ?….again symbols of her marriage.

Whatever the case the poor young lady had to soon replace the ring, lest she attracted the undue attention of society. So she replaced it with an ordinary ring. Now I guess she might have changed the ring at times because afterall it was an ordinary ring. But she always wore a ring on the left ring finger. 

After her death I took possession of the ring and kept it with me as a remembrance. A remberance of ‘Mai’ (that’s what I called her), a remembrance of all those treasured moments I spent with her, a remberance of my roots, a remembrance of our poverty. It gives me a sense that there exists a bond between me and my ancestors…..those simple humble people.

My family is blessed today to have enough to suffice our needs. And this was possible because people like my grandmother sacrificed a lot. No matter where I reach in life, I will always be humble, because that’s where we came from. I will never shy away from accepting the fact that I am a peasants daughter. I am proud to be one.

So if you meet me these days, just take a look at my left fore finger. The finger is adorned with the 2 rings ….The thin one is for style ….The broader, slightly golden one is in remembrance of ‘Mai’. And for those who will never be able to meet me personally ….. Here’s what they look like 😊



Joalita .....or Jolta is just one from the crowd. And every post on this blog is one from the crowd of the random thoughts that pass her mind.

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