I’ve always had my reservations when it came to the topic of marriage. But over the past few days, a couple of events have drawn my mind to think over this topic of marriage.

I am pained when I see how women are still illtreated in today’s times. 

Does marriage guarantee any respect for women? I am not convinced it does. Just because a women has committed herself in marriage to a man, does it give him the right to Demand services from her……. can’t services be humbly requested for? And when provided can’t they be acknowledged and gratitude been shown? Doesn’t a wife deserve the respect she is due?…….. Atleast on humanitarian grounds.

A neighbor of mine just passed away. Reason: heart attack …..due to stress caused in the event of an altercation with his son in-law. Why ? Son in law was a heavy drinker and was being abusive to the daughter of my neighbor. I can’t help but think about the plight of that poor girl. Worst of all she is pregnant with her second child! She lost her father ….Thanks to her husband. Will she ever be able to commit and live with a man who led to her father’s death? 

I never believed in the institution of marriage…….But I always respected it …And I always will. But truely speaking when I observe the situation around, it just feels like a mockery to me. 

There are some people who set marriage as a target in their life, that has to be acheived by a certain age. So in the quest they keep dating the opposite gender one after the other……trial and error method I guess. At times it feels like a game.Finally they get hooked up and the rest follows as per pattern.

Then there is the other group of people who have a very high regard for marriage. It’s almost at a spiritual level. They believe that marriages are made in heaven and God will send the right match, at the time, at the right place. All they need to do is have patience. So they wait and wait in watch of that one person. And usually I guess the person does come…..And then the rest follows as per pattern.

Recently I was in a conversation with an elderly gentleman. The gentleman shared his memories of a women he knew some 40 years back, who he felt loved him. He went on to describe his happy memories with her as a kid. Today the gentleman is married to another woman and there is no doubt that he must have loved her and carried out all the responsibilities of a good husband. But now I wonder was it all done as a compulsion? I guess it happens quite often that people Don’t end up marrying the person they love. Sounds so unfortunate ……but people still marry and life goes on as per pattern.

I guess I’ll never be able to understand the institution of marriage.There is so much attached to it ….commitment, adultery, love, lust, sacrifice, oppression, respect…….too complex !!! 

Just makes me feel relieved that I am nowhere close. As for people who make me feel like I am missing out on a lot by not getting married……well I guess you too are missing out on a lot by getting married. 😡

DISCLAIMER : If you’ve read through the entire post, then let me make it clear that these are solely my own personal views. Anybody is free to agree or disagree with them. I neither preach my beliefs …..Nor do I expect people to practice them.                        ………jolta