As a kid I remember coming across the teachings of Lord Buddha in our history curriculum. One of those teachings that provoked my thoughts was……..” The root of suffering ——>DESIRE”.

As humans there is so much we desire …..we desire good health, wealth, a job, a spouse, wonderful friends……… infinity. The proportion of what we desire for our needs, is very very much less than what we desire for our greed.

Taking my own self as an example, I can honestly say that there is a lot I have desired in the past and maybe there is a lot that I still desire. And to a great extent I would agree, that it might be a cause to my sufferings. 

Many a times God puts us to the test by granting us the things we desire. Now you might wonder that, If he grants us our desires, than how does that become a test?

Well after granting our desires…..And almost taking us to cloud 9………God suddenly decides to have fun๐Ÿ˜Ž. It’s like a roller coaster ride. No sooner you reach the heighest point, the downfall begins. So after granting our desires, God will ask them back. And what does he expect from us?……simple………”just let go”.

“Letting go”, simple as it sounds, it’s the hardest thing to do at times. What do we let go off in life? Many things …..from small things like your favorite dress, your phone… a little higher level, like your pet cat, your car, your job……to the most hardest things to give up, like your friends and your dear ones. There’s a lot to let go in life……And no wonder life is so difficult at times. Little do we get used to something or someone and it’s time to change. Nothing remains the same they say….Only Change is constant. And one can only change easily when we don’t hold on to anything or anyone.

One of the main fear of letting go,  is the strong and wrong belief we have, that what we hold on to, is the best for us. At times we feel we are wiser than God, to know what’s best for us. Are we really? ๐Ÿ˜

So I’ll end this post, hoping that I and even you my reader….May have the wisdom to know what we need to let go in life and the courage to let go off….. 

Let go off things not required in life….

Let go off people meant to go….

Let go off emotions that make us bitter…

And ………Let in God 

Letting go….Hard as it may seem….It’s the best thing to do today.