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Adventure is out there …..

Dear Mr. Adventure,

Hello and greetings to you. I hope you still remember me…..I know it’s been ages since we have actually met. You’ve been on my mind for a long time but life keeps me so busy that I don’t get time to meet you. Today I decided to atleast start again with a note to you 😊.

As a student in school I was compulsorily made to read books from our library. I was not a great reader but some writers can just make you fall in love with reading. Enid Blyton was one of those writers and she made me fall in love with her ‘The Famous five’ series. 

I was so mesmerized by Ma’am  Enid Blytons writing. I remember sketching her name on my books… a true lover. Infact she’s the one who introduced me to you. I guess many remember the 5 characters of The Famous five team……Julian, Dick their sister Anne, their Tom boy cousin Georgina alias George and her dog Timothy (timmy). And of course there was the 6th one who was not officially counted………..Who? 😁 Obviously you!!………Mr Adventure. You were always with them. 

Enid Blyton through her writing would magically transport the reader to a faraway countryside….where there was so much to explore and so much to eat….I still remember the taste of the ginger bear…..Refreshing 😁. I could relate myself so much to Georgina…a girl who loved being a boy, a girl who loved you 😁……..But maybe I was not extremely brave as her. But reading those books truely made me fall in love with a life of adventure. 

A group of good buddies, a beautiful and an unknown place to explore, some risk to take, a little bit of tension……a few moments of skipped heart beats…..and finally a happy and memorable ending. That’s the life I want to live. That’s perhaps one of the things I seek. I know I sound too emotional….But please don’t freak out 😁.

Too much time has been wasted carrying out the normal courses of life. So I guess I need to amend my life now. Need to prepare the bucket list. …..Need to pack that bag…….Need to leave the comfort zone…..And walk out into the sun….. ……… Searching  you …….Mr.Adventure. And hopefully on the way I’ll meet Julian, Dick, Anne George and Timmy. Please do make time for me when we meet. I hope I can spend some quality time with you and I hope to leave with happy memories. 
Dear Adventure …… Hoping to see you soon.

Until we meet ….

Love …….Your follower……Jolta 😎



Joalita .....or Jolta is just one from the crowd. And every post on this blog is one from the crowd of the random thoughts that pass her mind.

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