I live in a land which is so infinitesimal in its size. But although it might just be a dot on the world map, it has still managed to leave a great mark on the history of time. Men from sages to great rulers have walked over this great land of mine.

My land is blessed with the bounties of Nature. The Gods of the sea have been paying their respects to my land, by touching her feet for ages unknown to me. The hills are painted in numerous shades of green that no artist would ever be able to count. Awesome ……Is not enough to describe how beautiful she is……..Or rather she was.

Times have changed now. And so has my land. Once a land famous for its hills and beaches…….today my land gears up to get famous for a different reason……Roads and Bridges. 

My land and its people have been infected by a serious bug. A bug that seems to threaten the very ethos of my land. They say the bug is known as ‘development’. I prefer calling it the D-bug.

People infected by the D bug have serious effects. Most of them can’t stand the site of green colour. It’s only colours like brown, red, grey and black that soothe their eyes. So as a result green fields are filled up with red infertile land which are then covered with black tar. Thats how roads are being made. Most places in my land today are like war zones. Tractors in fields have been replaced by earth movers, cement mixers and a lot of heavy machinery. The infected people justify all this disaster in the name of the bug…. Development. Roads are being made they say …..For the betterment of our kids. Such will be the quality of the roads that our kids may not require houses to live in, they would be happy living on the roads. 

The other day as I walked through my small town, I noticed another effect of the war like situation. I noticed big craters formed in many areas. Craters big enough to hold an adult elephant in it. It looked like the town had been bombarded in the night by missiles. Luckily I didn’t hear about any loss of life.🙏. Sewerage systems are being developed they say…….for our hygiene, and for the health of our kids. I just wonder how the earlier generations got rid of their waste without digging craters? I just wonder why my land still appears dirty and unhygienic inspite of the so called development?. I guess the D- bug creates hallucinations in the minds of its victims.

My land is blessed with beautiful rivers that carry water across her like arteries and veins. My ancestors moved across these rivers through canoes and boats. With the advance in times came the bridges. Some bridges added to the beauty , while some added to the ugliness. People seemed satisfied and content until they were stung by the D-bug.

The bridges appeared to be narrowing down as the greed and the so called ‘necessity’ of people grew wider. The people of my land no more walk on the land, they either ride on metal horses or drive about in metal enclosures. 

Right now there are 2 monstrous bridges coming up over 2 separate rivers. As the monsters grow they seem to be gobbling down everything in their way. Small houses are raised down, fields have been filled up and there are dead trunks of trees lining up the roads.. ….a sad story of the unsung soldiers who layed their lives fighting against the monsters. But the people bitten by the D-bug …..Hmm they don’t seem to be affected. The bridges would help our kids commute faster they say. Faster…..So fast that relativistic time dilation would be a normal phenomenon. Some say the bridges would be so high that they would offer a bird’s eye view of the beauty below. But I wonder what’s the beauty below? All I see is red, black and brown.

My land my land……my heart today is filled with guilt because I stand as a mute spectator watching you die slowly yet painfully. I feel paralyzed within my own body unable to curb the menace of the D- bug. 

Maybe I am also infected by the D- bug like the rest of your people. 

Maybe I am also disillusioned by all that I see.

Maybe this all was meant to be.

Maybe the generations to come would be grateful to the D- bug, as it is presently made to look like. 

As of now…….The bug still thrives on its victims…….And the victims thrive on the bug…..They call ….. Development.

As of you my land and me ……I think we both will remain silent spectators to the show.

But I’ll always love you and will always be proud of you my land 

My land of roads and bridges…..