Man is in a constant quest to find answers to the unknown. How did the universe come into being? Where did man come from? Where do we go after we die? …………. And in this quest of the unknown man created his own answers…..his own theories. Some answers put the growing quest for the unknown to rest, while some didn’t manage to kill all the doubts. Nevertheless man didnt give up on postulating  theories to explain the unknown.

Last Sunday I had the privilege of listening to a beautiful homily put up by a priest. Since it was the feast of The Divine Mercy, the theme was based on the mercy of God. He narrated an incident about a family in a parish he served earlier. The catholic family comprising of 3 members refused to be a part of the community Church…..In the sense they would attend Church services only for 4 occasions in a year. The priest, for almost 2 years tried his level best to get them back to the church. But finally he got transferred to another parish. Before he left he visited the same family and spoke to them saying that he was extremely saddened that inspite of all his efforts he was unable to get them back to the Church. So he had finally layed down his arms but as a parting gift he told them a story that his father had told them as kids. 

The story or theory goes out saying that when we are born God ties an invisible cord/ string to are feet .  The other end of the cord lies in the hands of God. As we grow up we begin running (running away from good) and God starts letting the string lose. The further we move, the more he leaves. Finally a day comes when God decides to stop! Enough is enough. And then he pulls the chord…….And  at times he really pulls hard. So hard that our fall is inevitable. 

Finally that’s exactly what happened to the father of that family. He was hit by some sickness. It’s only then, that the family turned back to God and transformed their lives.

The homily ended but it left my mind with imaginative thoughts of the invisible cord. What a beautiful concept 😘 On coming home I checked my feet and toes for any traces of the invisible string. Alas ! I didn’t find any. (It’s invisible afterall…..Jolta) 

So beautiful to imagine God and us linked together with a cord. I wish I could practically see it. In times of distress I would have surely pulled it hard to draw God’s attention to me.( I know that would never be required tough). 

I googled the net to check whether this theory existed. All I found was some Chinese belief that God unites 2 people on earth with an invisible red string. So if 2 people are meant to be together, they would be….Thanks to the red string. Again a theory to explain the unknown.

There was another theory close to the invisible cord theory, that said that whenever we sin the cord breaks . But God joins it together by a knot. And every time a knot is tied the cord is shortened and we are drawn closer to God.

Many theories……..But I am amused by the theory of the invisible cord. I can only hope that although just a myth this theory may actually be true. 

I hope that I never run too far.

I hope that if I am pulled I fall ….And when I fall, he holds me. Until then I’ll be satisfied with this theory of the cord.

Me and my Lord …..bound by an invisible cord…