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The worst time.

I hate this part of the year ……….It’s the time when storms and cyclones are brought to birth.

It’s the time when I reach the same crossroad again and I stand confused on which way to go.

It’s the time where I hopelessly participate in an annual parade. A parade of my knowledge and qualifications.

It’s the time where doubt, confusion and irritation over rule the mind.

It’s the time where it’s a battle between ‘letting go’ and ‘holding on’.

How many more years would history keep repeating itself ?

Why can’t I break out of this vicious cycle ? Am I missing a clue?

It’s the time …………..the worst time…….

The tempest is fast approaching jolta……..

……You better be prepared.

……But sometimes I feel I better not survive it.



Joalita .....or Jolta is just one from the crowd. And every post on this blog is one from the crowd of the random thoughts that pass her mind.

One thought on “The worst time.

  1. Is it as a result of the “annual parade” that you hate this time of the year or is it because of the fear of the tempests that follow the summer heat? Hope this time heralds a change for you…. change for good times.


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