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A tribute to a peaceful warrior

He is a benign human and his ubiquitous influence is felt my many of his friends. But I am sure there are a few who would not miss an opportunity to swindle or obliterate him. He got besotted by none but he has an obstinate determination to fathom the divine. “

Pheww ……….total bouncer? Need a dictionary? 😁

Well he may dissent with me. This colossal use of English words may seem mundane to him , but it could be a colossal ignominy or a concise epitaph to  to a poor vocabulary person like me….…😁.

Too hard to digest????? Well chill, it’s just an intro to the person I am paying tribute to. A tribute to his vocabulary skills.

This happens to be my 3rd tribute to a friend and the realisation dawned over me that I am only writing about my male friends. I can’t be blamed tough, circumstances are such that I am surrounded by more men than women these days. Don’t worry girls I’ll be writing about you’ll too.

I’ll start by honoring my friend with the title of the ‘Peaceful warrior’. Peaceful because he tries to be calm and cool all the time…… Irrespective of the turmoil outside or within. Warrior because he is fighting……. Fighting against what he feels is wrong, what is unjust , fighting for what he believes in………Fighting a battle unknown and unseen to others.

My friend happens to be my senior…….well not in age, but in wisdom, knowledge and in experience. It’s something like….


Well I have known the peaceful warrior for a couple of years, but I got to know him better only after sharing a roadtrip with him. 

The Peaceful warrior as I said is very peaceful ……not much noise, no much hype……so peaceful that one can easily overlook the treasure trove of talents he possesses. 

Just last Christmas I got an opportunity to view his amazing talent of designing and making cribs. Every block of thermocol so well sculpted…that the crib  looked almost next to real nativity scene.

My friend is also known for his baking expertise…….I had the honor of tasting some of his fresh baked cakes. Class!! no doubt! But I on another occasion happened to dishonor him by asking him to taste my disastrous cake 😁 

Electronics being his forte, he makes electronic gadgets in his leisure time. But the greatest of all talents I know about … his writing skill. On reading just a few of his blogs I have understood why people say the ‘pen is mightier than the sword’. His writing is class above average. It’s an art to be able to present a viewpoint with just the right words. My friend does it to the best .I have to actually keep the dictionary by my side to decrypt the new terms he uses. But I am glad that, thanks to him I am learning and improving my vocabulary.

By rule a writer should be a good reader, and so is true with my friend too.What a wide collection of books !! Hard copies and e- books too. He’s been kind enough to share some with me, unfortunately I read books at a snail’s pace…….Makes me feel guilty at times.

As I mentioned earlier this friend of mine is a warrior. Tough calm and composed most of the time, he would not hesitate to speak out when the need arises. On the roadtrip that we had gone, it so happened that we were being charged for food we had not eaten.(the food was soaked in rain water). So we ended up in an discussion with the hotel staff. It was war and the peaceful warrior took the lead……on the frontline. And this warrior doesn’t like losing battles. Thanks to his intervention, we won ours.

Organization ……..That’s a trait of a warrior too. A visit to his house or his office cabin would convince anyone about the same. Books neatly staked, and everything speek and span. I wish I could inculcate some of this trait.

He is an avid traveller too. Traveller I said…..not tourist. He would be more interested in observing a place ……rather than just seeing things and clicking stupid pics like tourists. 

From books to cakes and circuits to travel ……. There’s much more to my friend. But I won’t know all but like always my post has grown long.

My friend as a human may have his own flaws but he is in a constant quest to find the truth and to do what is good. We share different opinions on religion and spirituality but we respect each other’s views. ……..And that’s what is important.I am glad I met a versatile human like my friend ……And I’ll always be grateful for whatever good I have learnt from him. I pray that Life keeps him inspired and may he have whatever good he wished for.

Disclaimer : Mind you, I don’t flatter people 😎

2 quotes for my peaceful warrior and our warrior friend (u know who 😊)



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