Somehow I am learning to become more attentive to Sunday sermons. Yesterdays priest preached a nice one on the risen Lord and how God never abondans us …….But we need to only go to him with faith and a humble heart.

In connection with the same the priest narrated a story. A group of daughter-in-laws and mother-in-laws decided to go for a pilgrimage to a holy town far away, for which they hired 2 mini buses. When the buses arrived it was decided that all the daughter-in-laws would be boarding one bus and the mother-in-laws would be boarding the other. Finally the long journey began. But an hour later disaster struck. The bus with all the mother-in-laws met with a major accident and there were no survivors left. On hearing the news the daughter-in-laws were all in shock and began wailing. People around gathered to console them. Many consoled them saying that the mother-in-laws were old enough, they had lived their life and God had now called them back.

Finally all the daughter-in-laws took courage and accepted the tragedy as the will of God……All except one. One of the daughter-in-law just wouldn’t stop lamenting and crying. People pitied her and it appeared like, here was a daughter-in-law who loved her mother-in-law to the heavens and back. Somebody went to console her and unable to control herself the daughter-in-law bluttred out ” why did this have to happen???………….Why did she(mil) miss the bus???”


Poor girl!!!!!. The DIL and MIL relationship has been on the rocks from ages unknown…….and I guess there seems to be no improvement in the situation.

I wonder if the norm had to be such that the boy left his home to leave with the girl after marriage, would we have son-in-law versus father-in-law stories to hear ????😱

Would we?…………I wonder.