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There’s a buzz around about a war in the making. Half the world are over concerned while the other half chose to be ignorant.

War …..I typed down the word in Google….And ended up with its synonyms. I tried to make sense of some of them :

Conflict …….conflict of interests? Something like my country and our neighbor ….Conflict from the time of their inception.

Fighting…….. Fighting for what? Power, dominance……Are they going to last?

Struggle……. struggle for whom? The weakest I suppose, the ones that have nothing to do with war. Ask any child leaving in a refugee camp, what it really means to struggle.

Action ………Action packed movies? Aren’t bloody wars glorified on our media today. A man is honoured as a hero after killing a 100. 

Contest ………Kind of a competition? Who has the longest range missile? The most deadly nuclear bomb? The more potential you have to destroy, higher are the chances of winning the contest.

Bloodshed…….Who’s blood? Not animal blood at least ……..The sacrificial lamb on the altar of war is none other than……Man. I wonder which God would be appeased by this sacrifice.

I am having my own doubts about this entire scenario of war.

When did man learn to fight against his own kind?

When did man learn to have blood of his own kind on his hand, …..And yet justify it?

Why are some sentenced to death for killing , while others are glorified for their kill ? ………Is human life graded?

From when did research and finance of deadly weapons become a priority over providing basic necessities for human life?…………..I mean what are you’ll gonna protect? ………Barren fields? Suicidal farmers? Poverty?

Why didn’t God set aside a separate commandment stating……..Thou shall respect the borders shared with neighbors. I am sure the number of ceasefire violation and LoC breaches would decrease.

In case of a war…….Whom does God side? Afterall both the sides are his children. 

War ……Is it the herald of a new beginning or is it the beginning of the end.



Joalita .....or Jolta is just one from the crowd. And every post on this blog is one from the crowd of the random thoughts that pass her mind.

3 thoughts on “War

  1. There is a law against moving one’s beighbours boundaries to suit oneself in the Law OF MOSES. But nobody pays any heed to the Bible. Therefore we have to live with war. Wasn’t it Cain who murdered his brother Abel due to envy? There u have the beginngs of war. Jesus said that whoever hates his brother is a murderer. Therefore in hating even our enemies, we are murderers and in our hate are sown the seeds of war.
    I like your writing style. Quite lucid as usual.


  2. I don’t really think God expects borders to be put up? Just saying. It’s all us.
    And about when this fight against our own kind started; come on it’s part of being human to fight; it just takes a certain amount of anger to make a person justify killing in his mind.


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