I have been driving for the last 5 years. And I am an amazing combo of a “bad driver and a good dreamer”.

Today as I was driving back home after work, I had to slow down the car due to a minor traffic jam. I decided that I wouldn’t be playing my loud music today, so my state of mind was much more peaceful than usual. As I waited for the traffic to move, my eyes were distracted by a flash of colours. My curious eyes turned around and I noticed a colorful lot of decorated people, queued up to wish a newly wed couple.My mind at once sprang into its usual thought process. πŸ™
What’s the difference between marriage and a wedding? ……….The former is a lifelong commitment, and the later is a one day celebration . 

So what’s more important? Obviously ……..The wedding 😡. Sounds funny? It ain’t. It’s yet another irony of life. 

Over the years I have observed how the dynamics of wedding celebration have changed. From a simple gathering of closed friends and family for a meal, today wedding celebrations have become a multi million business. 

From hired Mercedes cars to, ritzy gowns and swanky suits……From high-tech photography to lavish buffets……any plebeian can be made to feel like a celebrity for one day ………… Provided u have the Money honey 😎

I know nobody needs my opinion, but I still find wedding celebrations a collosal waste of money and time. But on the other hand I won’t deny the fact that, these extravagant celebrations provide a means of income to many. From tailors, printers, photographers to the caterers, many earn their living, thanks to such celebrations. 

So I guess the wedding business is going to keep prospering, irrespective of whether people believe in marriages, or don’t.

As for me I can only help an distance myself from wedding ceremonies and I hope couples spend more time on planning their married life more than the wedding. Save the money on a trip guys !!!!!! 😎 And if you have a lot of money…..Then go ahead and spend it πŸ‘on your wedding.

……Uh oh ……I am 15 minutes into my deadly combination of driving and dreaming. I realised I am almost home, just then something distracts my eyes again……..

To know what?……Read my next post 😎