5:00 am : I wake up with a start.

Me: ” Mama what’s the time?”

Mother : 5 dear.

5: 05 am :The daily conflict between the lazy me (LM) and the motivated me (MM).

LM : was I suppose to go for walk today?

MM : Yeeeeeeeees.

5:15 am:

LM: can I just skip the schedule today? You know I slept late yesterday.

MM : Nooooooooo.

LM: maybe I could just exercise at home.

MM : girl …….It was never about exercise, it’s about just waking up and doing as per plan.

LM : pleaseeeeeeee

MM: _______________

LM: hello??? Are you there . Oh wait!!! OK you win.

5 : 45 : One deep breath and the heavy body is pushed off the bed.

5 : 55 : cycle out , ear phones plugged …..Off we are to the beach.

6 : 00: On the beach, cycle parked , all set for the walk, it’s a beautiful morning, seemed like the tide is high ……Just then a voice speaks out.

MM: thanks for making me win today 😇

Me : For you a thousand times …….😘

I guess life’s mostly about the small everyday battles we fight within. The battles between the good and the bad within. Although we try hard, many a times, we allow the bad to over rule us. But it’s never to late to realise and change things.

Today was a happy walk, a small victory over the lazy me.

Tomorrow would be another battle…..

See you tomorrow on battleground 😎