A day back I was driving home from work and I observed a wedding ceremony on the way. My mind was instantly lured into an intensive thought process over the topic of weddings. As I kept thinking and driving, little did I realise that I was almost home. Just then my eyes were again distracted, this time by an unorganized crowd of people in a field.

I didn’t have to think much, I guessed what the commotion was all about. In fact to support my presumtion I noticed a queue of 2 wheelers with 2 males on each passing by me, making their way to the field. Not again ! I thought to myself ………A bull fight. Poor animals forced to fight and get injured for no reason.

Bull fighting is an age old animal sport carried out in my land. It’s origin must have been very trivial I guess. Years back when my land was an agrarian land and most of its people farmers, there must have been many bulls and other cattle grazing through the fields. In such cases it was pretty natural that 2 animals would end up in a fight to settle territory issues. The hard working farmers that lacked any form of entertainment in those days, might have amused themselves watching those fights. But then some beings took the fights too seriously and developed it into a sport …….a brutal one….. to say the least.

Every generation comes with its share of dumb, empty headed, brutal beings. No wonder such a brutal sport has got passed on from generations.

I fail to understand how a fight, causing injury, almost a bloodbath and even death at times can be a form of entertainment.

From Spain and it’s ‘Corrida de torosit’ to Tamil Nadu and it’s ‘Jallikattu’ to Goa and it’s Dhirios …….It’s not difficult to find such inhuman acts being performed across the world in the name of a sport, entertainment or a tradition.

Even worse is when such issues are politicized. For instance in my land we had ministers promising the legalization of bullfighting as a manifesto for elections. I mean ………… seriously!!!!!!!???? People are dying for need of basic amenities like water and electricity, and they promise bullfighting ????. 😡😡😡😡  Somebody please tie me to a bull πŸƒπŸ‚!!!!!!

But they wouldn’t be promising such things without the support of people. If the same enthusiasm and unity shown my people (mostly men) for such bullfights, had to be shown for social causes, I guess my land would be a much better place to live in. Unfortunately people choose bullfights and cockfights over working hard for social causes.

Busy engrossed in thought, I didn’t even realize that I reached home. I am convinced now that I can dream and drive. πŸ™