Once upon a time in a land far away, lived a GenXer. The GenXer happened to be living a very comfortable and satisfied life……atleast that is what he perceived. Then one fine day the GenXer and the entire land was cast under mysterious spell. 

Unaware to the GenXer the spell put his talents to sleep. The land was robbed off all its beauty and life. All that remained was a bleak landscape devoid of all colour and sound. The people of the land, tough appeared alive, it seemed like they were dead…… Zombie type πŸ‘½πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘½. Everybody trudging along beaten paths, their foot steps- heavy, their faces- ashen. Occasionally, a manufactured smile broke through the surface of their sculptured faces, only to vanish with the quickness of the morning dew. The spell was such that none of the inhabitants of the land, including the GenXer never realized that they were under a spell. 

So for years the GenXer and the land lived under the spell. Everything followed a monotonous pattern, until one night……….

…..One night as the GenXer fell asleep he got drawn into an enchanting dream. In the dream he found himself in a place which almost resembled his land, almost dead and covered with dreary foliage. Everything seemed to be in shades of grey. Still to add to the misery, the place was infested with zombies. But to his respite the GenXer spotted some tiny pixies……..the only good thing he noticed.

The GenXer found himself thirsty so he moved around very cautiously in search of water, trying to avoid being spotted by the zombies, lest they eat him up. To his good luck he spotted a huge water body and he ran towards it. But alas, he got spotted by a zombie. The GenXer ran towards the water and the zombie followed him. The GenXer was about to dive into the water for shelter when alas!!!! he noticed a shark swimming towards him 🐬.

Now the GenXer was in a catch 22 situation, he heard his heart beating, his lips were involuntarily chanting a prayer and his eyes were almost flooded. Oh!! this is not how he expected his end. The zombie was almost close but what happened next was the most unexpected.

The shark sprang out of the water almost performing a projectile motion and swallowed the zombie in one bite. And in an instant the shark was back into the water. The GenXer stood numb on the shore. He was still in a state of shock!! He kept his gaze fixed on the shark as it gobbled down the zombie. The GenXer like others had always perceived sharks to be evil, blood sucking and flesh eating animals. This shark altough a killer had yet broken that perception. “Wasn’t the shark mad to have left me and to have eaten that poisonous zombie?”  – the GenXer wondered as he quenched his thirst and quickly moved to find some shelter. 

Moving through the dreary folliage was not easy. And finding a shelter to escape the glare of the zombies was even worse. Suddenly the GenXer felt something damp on his shoulder. He turned around and to his utter dismay there were 2 zombies right behind. He had been spotted again. What could he do now? He was nowhere close to the water body to expect any help from the shark this time. Once again he felt his heart beat, this time even faster. The lips were again chanting a prayer as he tried to recall the psalm 91. 

Although spell bound for years the GenXer maintained his spirituality and faith in God. Sometimes it seemed like God had cast the spell to test his own people. And the GenXer with his unbiased faith in God seemed to be passing the test. God never abondans his own it is said. It seemed like God had heard the GenXer cry for help. And help was dispatched immediately. This time not in the form of a shark but a human …..to be more precise, a millennial man riding on an immaculately white horse 🎠.

The mysterious millennial sprang out from the dark foliage. He had a mysterious weapon in his hand. It looked like a rectangular piece of metal and glass. The millennial on his horse, stood between the zombies and the GenXer. The zombies looked undeterred, as they kept their gaze fixed on the GenXer. The millennial now pointed the magical weapon towards one of the zombie and pressed a thumb on it. Whooosh!!!!!!! the zombie dissappeared. Then he moved towards the next and repeated the same. Whooosh!!!!! Second gone too. 

The GenXer couldn’t believe what he saw 😡. Infact he even noticed that after every zombie that was killed, colours were returning back to the land. From far he could still notice the shark preying on zombies around the water. The millennial got of his horse and pulled the GenXer towards him. He put his arm around the GenXer’s shoulder and held the weapon in the other hand, facing it towards them. He gave out a long whistle and down came a group of preety pixies, surrounding the 2 men and the horse πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό. The millennial finally exclaimed “selfie time, smile everybody”. 

What was happening???? 😡 The GenXer wondered as he pushed a smile on his face. He embraced the millennial and thanked him for saving his life. But he couldn’t help asking him……..”What is this weapon you use oh great warrior??” 

With a laugh on his face the millennial replied “that’s my newly purchased OPPO smartphone” and he got onto his horse. It looked like the pixies were mesmerized by the bloke, they were still hovering around him like bees. The millennial offered the GenXer his hand saying ” c’mon man! I’ll drop you home”. With a little help the GenXer got up on the beautiful horse. But before the ride could begin there was a long screechy sound. Suddenly it seemed like the GenXer was getting sucked up…….Oh no!!!! 😱 not again he thought to himself. 

Within a flash of time the eyes opened. The GenXer found himself on his bed, the alarm screeching on the side ⏰⏰. He quickly switched it off. Was it all a dream?? He sprang out, found a note pad and a pen for himself and he did something that he hadn’t done for years ever since the spell………..He wrote. 

Yes writing was his talent, which thanks to the spell was put to sleep. Now thanks to the enchanting dream that sleeping beauty talent was cast out of the spell.

The GenXer wrote and wrote. He wrote whatever he could recall of the dream. The same day as usual he left for work. And as he moved amongst the crowd of people, there were 2 faces that reminded him of the shark and the millennial warrior.

….Who were the 2 faces? What happened to the land? …..And its inhabitants? …….We will have to wait and watch.