For a long time I have been controlling my cravings for eating ice creams. But todays heat had sucked up most of my energy and so I very badly needed an ice cream dose.

I walked into an ice cream parlour and along with me entered a brother – sister pair. Both seemed to be around the age of 13-14 years. They picked up a butterscotch flavoured family pack worth RS 250. A teenager boy, who I presume was the owners son was at the counter. He promptly received the cash from the siblings and returned the change. The siblings happily left the shop, only to return back within a minute.

Siblings : I think you owe us some more cash.

Owners son : How much did I pay you?Siblings : 250

Owners son : how much did ull give me?Siblings : 500

Owners son : ya! So that’s it. What more?

Seeing them unconvinced he called them aside and showed them some math on the calculator. ……..250 + 250 = 500

The siblings were still not convinced but they couldn’t defend their theory either, so they walked out of the shop. Meanwhile I did my payment and walked out of the shop too. I was surprised to find the siblings outside still discussing the money issue amongst themselves. Now I couldn’t stop myself from intervening.

Me: how much did he give ull back?

Siblings : 250

Me : so that’s it. It’s right.

Siblings: doesn’t he owe us 350??

Till then the owners son came out to explain to an elderly me.

Owners son : I even showed them on the calculator.

Me: maybe you should have showed them the subtraction way. You showed them the addition.

Finally I got out my phone, opened the calculator and displayed my math skills to the siblings……500 – 250 = 250 šŸ˜.

Me : you see that’s what he owed you 250.

Finally the siblings seemed to be convinced. Afterall why would this aunty (me) try to cheat them. The sister thanked me. And both went their way.

Mission accomplished. Case closed.šŸ˜Ž

I laughed to myself as I saw them go. I was glad that there still existed people of my type……people who can make big blunders with simple computations. I am very bad when it comes to money matters. There are instances where in some shopkeepers had to literally call me back to come and collect my cash.

I hope the 2 siblings manage to improve their calculation skills as they grow. And till they reach my age hopefully they’ll be much better and quicker than me.

Until then 500 – 250 = 250 šŸ˜