If your feeling low and your mood is down. Then all you need is a mango mood. Here is the simple recipe for the mango mood.

Ingredients : a seductively juicy mango, some soft smooth ice cream and of course a little cutlery.

Step 1: wash the mango ….. Hygiene is important you see. 

Step 2: cut one side of the mango and with a knife just cut vertical and horizontal lines through it, without cutting the peel. You gotta form tiny squares.

Step 3: now hold the peel and just push the mango slice towards the inside. You gotta get a semicircle formation with tiny cubes jutting out. Now this is our decoration piece 😁
Step 4: peel the rest of the mango and squeeze it to release the pulp and juice. Collect this in a bowl.

Step 5: on a plate place 2 scoops of delicious ice cream, then pour the freshly squeezed out pulp on it.

Step 6: place the decorative mango slice. 

Step 7 : Take your camera and click a pic.

Step 8 : leave your stress aside for a while and Villa!!! Now go ahead enjoy what you’ve made.

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