Man is a social animal…….. 

I am not social ………

Conclusion>>>>>>> I am not a man 😀😀

This realisation just dawned on me, as I found myself so super bored at a family function.

Family functions, social gatherings, weddings ……..Uhh!!!! I hate being a part of any of these. If you happen to ever find me in any, I can assure you that either I have been forced to attend it at gun point ………or my appetite is on a high 😁. 

As a shy kid I felt threatened by the looks of uncles and aunties at social gatherings. I would not allow my mother to leave my side for even a moment. Today I am not so threatened by the looks than the queries they throw on me. 

As a middle aged person I am still expected to greet the older generation. If not I am deemed as the proud peacock……maybe a peahen. 

I try to avoid eye contact, but then sometimes it happens. I end up smiling, followed by the usual greetings……finally the ice is broken and out pour the queries.

  • Your xxxxxxxx’s daughter na?
  • Me : yes 
  • Howz mummy and daddy? 
  • Me: good
  • What about your brother?
  • Me : good
  • What are you doing?
  • Me : xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Married ?
  • Me : NO 

Before I lose my cool, I pretend like I am getting a call on my phone…….

  • Me : excuse me please.

Next I find an isolated corner and hide myself there.

I personally have nothing against people, but there are only a few people I feel comfortable sharing my space with. Call it anti social , isolation or introversion …….. Whatever it is……It is me. That’s how I am. And after years I have concluded that……It’s fine to be yourself. 

As for today’s function, inspite of the usual boredom, 3 things managed to raise my spirits : the snacks, the music, and a pretty little child who kept admiring me. 

I guess she found me similar to some cartoon character 😁.