“Some lives have meaning only because they have a ……….Mother”

This one line sums it all for me. The world celebrates mother’s day today and the media will be flooded with articles, quotes, messages for mothers. For one day mother’s are made to feel like celebrities ……..then for the rest of the year they’ll be asked to carry on their job as usual. 

Well I also decided to join the crowd by writing this post on Mother’s day. But I don’t wish to be glamorous in my writing …..I rather be truthful.

My mother …….Well she’s not the best cook, infact given a chance she would never step into the kitchen. But she did, she tried ……..and we survived. (Infact I inherited her traits …..I hate cooking too…..I would prefer eating food raw😁)

My mother …….. She’s not the one to give  motivational talks , she would rather want you to find your own way. But every time I failed, every single time I have cried even as an adult …..she was there with arms open. Infact most of the times she gave me company in crying πŸ˜‚. And that’s all that is required.

My mother …….. She’s not the one with a glamorous face nor would she want one. Just like me, she doesn’t understand the world of cosmetics. But her eyes have held up their sleep working up at nights, nursing patients and sometimes her own offsprings. Her lips have pressed on my cheeks, just passing on a flood of emotion. Every scar on her face, every wrinkle on her skin just epitomizes her beauty …..day after day. As always said ” beauty lies within”.

My mother …….. She’s not the one to cover up for us and definitely not a believer of non-violence. She wouldn’t think twice in exposing us if found guilty. And most of the times she would pass the judgement…….one hard- tight smack !!! My mother has strong hands so you can imagine the impact 😁. But we survived, and if not for those smacks i guess I would be a rogue today.

My mother …….. She’s not an entirely modern day mother. She like every mother has concerns of seeing her child so called “settle down”. But she wouldn’t force her wishes over them. She never wished for her happiness at the cost of theirs. And although my weird lifestyle makes no sense to her…..she still stands by me. Because there is only one truth she wishes to acknowledge, that ….I am her child….for better or for worse.

There are many instances I have been angry and mad on my mother. There are days where I wished for more from her. But over the years I have realised that being a mother doesn’t make a women a superhuman. They’re still gonna make mistakes, they’re still not gonna live up to expectations, they’re still gonna…..

…..and it’s perfectly fine. Because at the end of the day she is just a human. 

For my mother growing up working as a domestic helper, educating herself, earning her own living and almost single handedly managing home and work, was definitely not an easy task. But she did it…….did it mainly because she knew that there were lives dependent on her. 

There’s a lot I can write about my mother, but praises is not what mother’s require. 

As for me…….I have got things the easy way, and I know I’ll never match the standard that she set. But I am glad that she’s my mother. Very often I do feel guilty that I have not given her the happiness she rightly deserve. But I pray and hope that God rewards her for her hard life……reward her in abundance.

I’ll end with an excerpt from a message I wrote my mother on her birthday this year. ……….” From the womb to the tomb YOU will be my best friend”

I pray for all mothers both young and old that they be guided by God to carry on their great vocation. I pray for the broken relationships between many children and their mothers. Hopefully relations get mended on time. Regret is something we should not live with.

God bless all mothers.