A friend of mine is on his way to visit a holy place of pilgrimage and reverence. There he would be paying homage to the tomb of a recently canonized saint. Since I wrongly project myself as being religious, my friend out of courtesy asked me if I wanted anything from the holy place. 

Well I availed the offer and made my request too. But the request was not for any religious objects though. I asked my friend to pray for 3 intersessions at the tomb of the saint, with the hope that they would be granted.

Wait a minute!! …..Did I just say “granted”? Ain’t it sounding like my friend’s gonna meet some genie and request him to grant me my wishes ????

Seriously speaking on a little introspection on myself, I have realised that off late my prayers are less of a dialogue with God and more of a recitation of wishes and demands. 

It’s all about…… give me a good job, keep my parents happy, I hope for this…… and I hope for that and on and on ……….It goes. Literally speaking it seems like I have conceptualised God to be a wish granter . I know he obviously can grant them all………..But is that the only thing left between me and him?

You grant my wishes ….. You’re a good God. 

You don’t grant my wishes……… You’re such an insensitive, ignorant God. Why did you even bring me to birth? …….That’s how my relationship with God stands today.

I have a nun friend who once happened to tell me that, whenever we visit a chapel/church for the first time, we can make a wish for anything we want. And if our faith is strong, it surely would be granted. Although I knew it’s just a myth, I was still pretty impressed……So I’m always roaming with my list of wishes and everytime I visit a new church I make sure that I make one of the wish. And although none of them has been granted till date, I still shamelessly keep wishing.

As kids we were taught to turn to God for anything we required. Infact there is another belief that God is more biased towards kids. So if an adult and a child wish for something, there are more chances that the kid’s wish would be granted. I remember a teacher at my school who would ask the entire class to pray along with her for some intercession. She would then tell the class that since we were kids, it was more likely that God would heed to the request.

Years back when I was a kid, my mother decided to buy a moped for herself. She asked us to pray for it and she gave us an incentive…….if granted, we would be dropped to school on her moped. The deal was tempting , so I religiously prayed every night after my bedtime prayer ” Jesus please help mama buy her scooty”. And 3 months later, there she was ….A preety little red moped and we had the best memories with her. God does listen to kids , you see 😁.

Today I don’t know whether my faith is weak or is it because I am no more a child by age, that my prayers or should I say requests/wishes/ demands don’t get granted.

May be God is upset …….. Because perhaps the only time I go to him is when I need something.

Is my faith in God proportional to my needs ?

Have I reduced my entire life to wishes & demands that I expect to be granted ?

Are we all obsessed by wishes ? Or is it just me?……

……Make a wish when you’re at a church the first time

……Make a wish when you’re eyelash falls

……. Make a wish and blow the Dandelion

……..Make a wish when it’s 11:11

……Make a wish upon a shooting star

…….Make a wish to you’re God who is not far.

But don’t forget that …. Life’s not always about wishes being granted.

Life’s not all about the best of things.

And surely wishes should not be the only thing between you and God.

But nevertheless ……Keep hoping…….And ……..Make a wish 🌠.