I hate shopping for clothes. Hate , hate from the bottom of my heart. Why???…….. Because I never get what I want, I never get something I would be comfortable in.

Take for example a kurta.

If I like the color …..the size doesn’t fit.

If I get a proper size…..the material is not nice

If I like the sleeves ……the neck is deep

If everything is fine……the rate is too high


I have lost track of the number of times me and my mother have locked horns over petty issues like selecting a kurta.

So much so that my mother finally stopped taking me along for shopping. She picked up whatever she liked……If I liked it well and good, if not she would just pass it on.

But there are times when I feel blessed to get that perfect piece …….which just satisfies all the conditions set by me. It’s as tough they were stitched keeping me in mind. I am not talking about tailored clothes here. Tailors are another pain I would avoid as long as I can.

These perfect clothes are then used used and overused by me ……almost like a uniform. And if it’s a good quality clothing then the uniform won’t change for years 😁.

Of late I almost found a solution to my problem…… Online shopping.

When I started off, I seemed to love online shopping……Simply because it saved my time, it saved my money at times(end of season sales) and more importantly it saved my patience (something I lack). I used to some how get stuff upto my satisfaction.

But my happiness was short lived. Off late most of the things I order aren’t upto my expectations. Material different, size not fitting, neck deep, too transparent………..Uhh. Now even websites love testing my patience.😤😤

“Clothes shopping”…… Something that stresses me out ……….. but almost 2/3rd of the world would recommend as a de-stressing technique. Am I too complicated? or life tries to complicate things for me?…….I really fail to understand.

I guess my struggle with clothes is never gonna end. But since clothing is one of the basic necessity of life according to Maslow’s theory of needs, so I guess I’ll have to keep struggling. Anywhere I go there will be the same monotonous pattern being followed…..

On sight shopping would be…..

Selected => Tried => Rejected

Online shopping would be ……

Ordered => Delivered=> Returned