Name: Joalita Marcia Savina Rebello

Origin : experimental outcome of fusing parents names

Name officially used: Joalita

Correct pronunciation : Jo-wa-lee-ta

Common pronunciation : jolta, Joh-li-ta

Worst pronunciation: Jo el-li-ta, joy-li-ta

Modified version of the name : Julieta, julita, joanita, jovita

Pet name : joli

Given a chance would you change the name : ……..A thousand times over 😁

In short that’s how I sum up the story of my name. Parents at times can be over enthusiastic about parenting. They would want their child to stand out of the crowd ….. Easiest way……Give a name that stands out…….. Completely out 😂.

Mine is an outstanding name, which at times perfectly describes me ……… Weird and complicated.

I hate introducing myself because the intro has to start with respects paid to the outstanding name.

Me: “I am Joalita Rebello ”

They : “what did you say Jo______ ?”

It’s atleast 3 repeated attempts before the name is understood.

They: “Oh…… Joalita. Nice name . But what does it mean?”

Me to myself ….Is that a complement or an insult? 😵. it means I have over enthusiastic experimentative parents 😁😁

Me : “I don’t know what it means. ”

A name ……a word or set of words by which a person or thing is known, addressed or referred to.

A name was meant to be something simple …..but unfortunately for some it ended up getting complicated. Anyways we learn to live with it……..there are more worse disasters that can take place in life 😭.

What’s in a name ??????

I agree Mr. Shakespeare. But I guess it would boost the morale of a tiny insignificant flower if she was named Rose.

Anyways I don’t want to be a rose……I am getting used to being Joalita…….And Joalita it will be.

But for those who know me……Jolta sounds better 😎