” I live in a hypocritical world.”

Many years back I happened to be traveling home by bus. I had to stand next to a family. The mother of the family ate a banana, and as most Indians do, she just flung the peel out of the window. Her young daughter at once objected to the act. The mother laughed, to which the little girl began explaining to her how anybody could have slipped over the peel and could have got injured.

The mother seemed to be unpurturbed. But the entire event must have caused a big turmoil in the mind of the child.

Which truth was she to believe? The manners taught to her by maybe her teacher at school or the contradictory irresponsible behavior demonstrated by her mother?

We all are raised up with certain norms set by society and the religion we follow.The norms are taught to us within the 4 walls of our homes, religious places or our schools.

But as we grow up and we venture out of the 4 walls , many a times we encounter a shocking realisation.

We realise that the norms taught to us as ultimate truths, are rarely followed in reality.

That’s when the doubt sets in like the child ……Is there any substance in the norms taught to us all these years?

Is everything an illusion?

Is it all about living with double standards?

I live in a Hypocritical world

And I know I am equally hypocritical

But……I am still in doubt……….
……………to be continued