It’s the peak of summer and it’s hot in this part of the world that I live in.

A normal trip would consist of a day on the beach, a waterfall, a spring or a water park……..anything to cool those body temperatures.

How about a trip to museums ,admiring church architectures and exploring the lanes of some laid back villages?……..something more of cooling the temperature of the mind. Sounds weird? Well that’s what I call a modern day trip or a ‘contemporary trip’……….’un voyage contemporain’ in French.

So the day started with me and my 2 friends at the State custom Museum. The museum housed in a centuries old blue building manages to easily escape the eyes of many……… Although situated right on the road it hardly has visitors……mainly because people are either ignorant or they’re not interested in art and history. The museum is spread out over 2 floors and it is divided into various sections pertaining to smuggling, drug trafficking, exise, etc. A must visit place if you’re in Goa.

From the Customs museum we headed towards are next stop……Another museum …..But this time of Contemporary art. I am not an artist myself but I love admiring art……be it sculptures or paintings. The museum named ” Museum Of Goa” or MOG which in konkani means love is the brainchild of renowned Contemporary artist Mr. Subodh Kerkar. The museum is situated in an unlikely location. It’s a steep climb into an industrial estate till you locate a few blue figurines indicating that you’re close to destination.

The museum is spread out over 3 floors , displaying art forms made by different artist. Simple things like the burnt paper to pods of seeds are converted to such beautiful art forms. I got to know of some interesting facts about my own state through the art forms. I won’t say much, one must visit the place to experience the art.

Our minds filled with art and our stomachs empty for food, the 3 of us decided to visit another place before we breaked away for lunch. The next stop was another art installation by the same artist in the village of Saligao. Named “The carpet of Joy” the installation was made up of 150000 used plastic bottles. I have written more about it in another post.

On the way I fulfilled a long-standing wish, of visiting the famous Saligao church. Where most churches in my state our influenced by the Baroque style architecture, the Saligao church is built in the Neo Gothic style……. It was as beautiful as I expected it. Got to also know about a dumb controversy regarding the image of Mae de deus (Mother of God).

We had our meal at Mapusa…..the theme of the meal being…. “Don’t waste food”. Our next stop was to be the beautiful village of Calvim.

Calvim an island village is situated on the banks of the river Mandovi. This quite secluded village came into limelight after a tragedy hit it. Almost 6 years back 9 lives were lost into the river when a bus drowned into its waters. After the tragedy a new bridge was constructed to link the village to the mainland. The bridge today stands as a link between the tragic past and a hopeful future.

One of my friend updated the other 2 of us with some interesting facts on some species of wildlife and mangroves. On the way we stopped by a sluice gate. I was amazed by the entire ethos of this village. I would have died to live in a place like this.
Our eyes content with the beauty we saw, we began our journey back home. I first dropped one of my friend who lived on the way in the village of Pomburpa. The other 2 of us proceeded. I had to maneuver the car through the narrow lanes of the village. It was getting late but there was an urge within me to stop by another place which I hold very close to my heart……..The Britona or Penha de France Church. Built on the banks of the river, with its facade facing the waters, this church has a breathtaking view. The church was closed, but in such a beautiful place it’s not difficult to feel the presence of the divine.

Given a chance I wouldn’t mind sitting on the steps of the church and just watching the waters. But life is not so easy…….and we have to return back to our not so beautiful worlds in the hope of making life beautiful.

So finally with a heavy heart I bid adieu to the church and made my way home…… Bringing to end the “Contemporary Trip”.