Horses……One of God’s most beautiful creation. Horses are one of the most graceful animals. If not for dogs then I guess that horses would be tagged as men’s best companion.

As per what I read on Wikipedia there are about 300 breeds of horses. Horse breeds are divided into 3 categories : the hot bloods ( they run fast), the cold bloods ( they run slower) and the warm bloods ( mix of hot and cold ).

Yesterday I got to visit a museum of contemporary art where I came across an interesting bit of information about a breed of horses which I would like to share.

One of the most priced horses in the world are the Arabian horses. The most sought out pure breed amongst the Arabian horses is the …..Al Khamsa.

The legend goes on to say that the prophet was a lover of horses. It is believed that one day after all the day’s work he allowed his horses to go and drink water from a nearby oasis. The thirsty horses began running towards the Oasis. But before they could reach the water the prophet blew the horn, asking them to return. The thirsty horses were in a dilemma on whether to satisfy their needs or obey their master at the cost of their lives.

Finally only 5 of the horses obeyed the command and returned back to the prophet. The Arabs believe that these 5 horses are the ancestors of the famous Arabian horse breed….Al Khamsa.

Al Khamsa in Arabic means ‘The Five’.

Beautiful legend, beautiful animal …….that inspired a beautiful artifact.

A horse shoe …. With the word ‘Al Khamsa’ engraved in Arabic at the bottom.