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Carpet of Joy

What comes to your mind if you were asked to imagine a dry open field filled up with around 1,50,000 empty plastic bottles………?

…….An average mind like mine would imagine a serious garbage menace… obvious ugly sight….An eyesore. Something like this …….

……Not until you go to the actual sight and open your eyes to reality.

So what does reality look like? 

Well it looks like this…….

Wondering where the plastic bottles are?

Take a closer look……. They’re right there in all those vibrant colors.

Well this is an installation put up together by world renowned famous contemporary artist Dr Subodh Kerkar of Goa. The installation is called ‘The carpet of joy‘. Dr Kerkar wants our land to be rid of the plastic menace, so he used art as a means of Satyagraha (protest). The artform draws inspiration from Israeli artist Uri de Beer.

The installation is set up in a field very close to the Saligao church in Goa. Almost 1,50,000 plastic bottles, collected from hotels and other places were cut up into flower formations, then painted and fixed into a plastic net. This enormous installation was put up together with the help of school children. It was one way of bringing awareness amongst the young generation too.

I got to know of the installation through a friend of mine. I am convinced that the installation has, to a large extent served its purpose. No passerby can escape the attractive power of  the vibrant colors of the artform. The colours just manage to enchant the eyes.

Locals and tourists stop by and click photographs at the sight. Hopefully the message of the artform is also taken along with the photographs. We can only hope that this Carpet of joy inspires many to be the change we would want to see in our country.

Until then we can enjoy the vibrant beauty of the ……carpet of joy.

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