Unplanned trips work…….That’s how I ended up unexpectedly in the city of Pune. I ended up in Pune with a friend of mine who was visiting the city for a 2 day official trip.

Since the trip was planned at the 11th hour we couldn’t book a convenient mode of transport. As a last option we had to travel by a non-AC seater bus. For me it was absolutely fine since I have traveled on such buses earlier, but my friend was not too happy about it.

The bus left 15 min late from schedule. The 2 of us were busy talking and simultaneously admiring the beauty of our state from the window. A few of the usually unusual things I observed on the bus trip were….

….Ladies fighting to convince the bus manager that the box carton they were carrying didn’t contain fish. I wonder why the bus manager presumed the ladies were smuggling fish πŸ˜€?

…..the man sitting ahead of me seemed to be suffering from a terrible itch on his back. He initially asked his wife to scratch his back, which the loyal wife did without any hesitation. Then he unshirt himself…..Uhh. And finally as a final resort he began scratching his back with a tablespoon…….Gross😡

……The nights get really cold, irrespective of the high temperatures that hit the day. My night was a struggle sitting near the window, trying to shut the window as a fellow passenger tried to keep it open. 

……In this part of the country National Highways become racing tracks in the pitch of the night. Oil tankers, passenger buses , cars and trucks all struggling to overtake and in the bargain blatantly pressing that horn…..Creating a noise in the silence of the night.

The sun sets on the riverfront as the state gears up for a new bridge.

Finally we reached the city. My eyelids were heavy with the incomplete sleep, but I managed to follow my friend as we made our way to her residence….. I was literally sleep walking. Finally my friend left for work….And I began exploring the city alone.

My observations of the city…..

……Well this city is like any other metro city in the country. You get to see both the extremes……The prince and the pauper living together. The city surely united them but the class difference maintain the divide between them.

 The 2 worlds living together.

……there is a lot you can do in the city to while away your time. Take today for example I spent almost 6 hrs in a mall doing nothing really constructive then whiling away my time.

The Aga Khan Palace……A museum and a memorial.

Some food for thought…..

….. The city is very dirty….With stagnant water to dog poop littering the streets and pavements everywhere. The municipality seemed to be doing work. But I guess it will never be enough as long as people don’t inculcate a sense of cleanliness within.

……The city has a lot conviniece be it transport or shopping. Everything is available at the drop of a hat. But conviniece comes at a cost……the cost of a human connect. As long as you have the required technology at your disposal, you don’t really have to interact with people around. Imagine sharing an apartment and even bed with another human who you don’t even interact with. Wouldn’t be accepted in my village life setup .

I like going out places but whenever I am in a new place I miss the ethos of my own land. Home is Ultimately where the heart is. And inspite of all the glamour the city fails to stand above my village.

Water fountains try to bring a sense of calmness……that a river or the sea would have done at my place.

I just hope I never have to witness my land getting converted to a city. 

I hope that some day if possible these cities do get converted to villages.

Until then…..I’ll continue exploring the streets of this unknown city.