I had been eagerly waiting to watch the recently released bollywood movie “Hindi medium”. I was pretty impressed by it’s promos. The movie brings to light the lopsidedness of our present day education system.

There has been a wrong notion developed in our country that good education can be delivered only in English. And for the reason there has been a mad craze by parents to admit their kids in English medium schools. 

Even my own state has not been spared from this craze. For years there has been an exodus of families from villages to towns in search of good English medium education. This inspite of the fact that 90ā„… of village schools are in English medium and teach the same syllabus as the city schools……….But city schools are a BRAND that everybody wants to own šŸ˜Ž.

The movie very humorously depicts the plight of 2 parents who desperately want their daughter to be admitted in one of the top English medium schools of their city. The mother is pretty convinced that if not educated in a English medium school, her daughter would be left out in society, which would start with depression and end in drug addiction šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚. I guess many parents share the same fear.

My mother tongue “Konkani” is a very sweet sounding language. Too sweet to be digested by her own people. For the last few years certain parent-teacher organization have locked horns with the state government over the issue of medium of instruction (MOI) in schools.

It saddens me to see how ignorant my people have become. Every year there are only a few students who major out studying Konkani. There is not much being done towards the research and literature in Konkani. You go to the state library and you would find only 2 shelves of books dedicated to the mother tongue. To add to the misery there is a conflict over the script to be followed. It’s the Roman script vs the Devnagri script……almost taking a communal color. For years there was just one newspaper daily by name “sunaparanta” which recently had to be stopped by the publishers owing to the huge losses they were incurring due to the poor readership. Years back our fore father’s lost their lives fighting to give Konkani its rightful status of being the state language. Today some factions of society are fighting another battle to give another language the same status. Seeing the present situation the future of my mother tongue seems very bleak.

Unfortunately parents our not concerned about a language they are more concerned about their kids migrating and settling down in America or the United Kingdom or maybe any other English speaking country. 

Change is inevitable they say civilizations are born and die. I guess languages also come with an expiry date. My mother tongue’s date is pretty close I guess.

Parents are going to remain parents, their concerns shifting between MOIs and tuitions. 

Education is become a prospering business today.

The English left the country years back, but they left their language behind.

Festivities, dressing styles have become a sense of culture today………Mother tongue ……a sense of shame.

Einstein wrote his thesis in German. He also knew French ,Latin and English.

Inspite of all the craze English is still not the most spoken language in the world……Chinese and Spanish are šŸ˜‚

Language should never be a barrier in learning. I guess if all language teachers and parents do their job well ……. Learning would not be seen as a burden.

Before I end my long post , “Hindi Medium” is a thought provoking, must watch movie for the whole family. šŸ™