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30 me and 30 you

I guess 1987 was quite an eventful year in history. Guess why? ……..

……No prizes for guessing 😂😂 well Jolta was born that year and Goa , the place she lives in became the 25th state of the Union of India.

Under the Portuguese rule for almost 4 centuries, Goa was liberated on 19th December 1961. From then she was a Union territory of India. A Union territory does not enjoy as much freedom in administration as a State enjoys.

A question soon arose on whether Goa should continue to remain a Union Territory or should she be merged with the neighbouring state of Maharashtra. The question led to a divide amongst the people and the political parties. Finally to put things to rest ,on 16th January  1967 an Opinion Poll was held. This was the only such referendum in independent India. Finally the people expressed their opinion ……….they wanted Goa to be a separate state.

And why not?? Goa although infinitesimal in size, she still manages to stand out with her own identity… it in terms of culture, climate,natural resources, history and language. To preserve this uniqueness she had to be separate and yet be an integral part of our country.

Governments changed and the process got delayed. But finally on 30th May 1987 , Goa was lifted to the status of a State.

Many of our forefathers fought and struggled for statehood in the hope that Goa’s uniqueness would be preserved and so would her children prosper. Unfortunately if you take a look today those hopes seem to be shattered. “Goa ani Goemkarponn” is just become a campaigning tagline. Greed has set into the Goan heart. 

All is not yet lost, but after 1967 I think it’s time for another Opinion Poll, where Goans would decide on what they chose……..A land with less needs but more beauty and harmony…….Or a land with a zillion needs but devoid of its beauty and harmony. The choice is ours!!

So to end on a cheerful note…..From 1987 to 2017

It’s 30 years since Jolta stepped on Earth on Jan 30……and 30 years since Goa became a state on May 30 



Joalita .....or Jolta is just one from the crowd. And every post on this blog is one from the crowd of the random thoughts that pass her mind.

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