2 months earlier on 1st April I reached a milestone of…… 50 posts and 100 likes.

Today on 1st June, I have surprisingly doubled the score……..100 posts and 200 likes.

I am not a writer and surely my posts are nowhere close to be called ‘great’. I must have even bored many of the readers with my lengthy posts for which I am infamous 😁.

I really don’t know how I got so far, but I am humbled by a few readers and friends who make time and take trouble to read my posts.    Thanks everybody. ……It means a lot.

I am trying to improve my writing skills, but it’s gonna take time. But I hope I don’t lose interest, for which I’ll need the support of my readers.

My posts are an attempt to express my perspective and experiences of each day. 

I sent my link to many but not all bothered to check them. No offense here, everybody is entitled to their opinion afterall. 

For the brave readers who survived reading by posts……. You’ll are great readers and writers.

Thank you once again.