It’s my last day at Pune. I awake early after a good nights sleep. The sun rises a little early in this part of the country. My friend promised me to show me around the city but she’s still asleep. I wake her up reminding her that we need to leave early.

Finally she woke up, we had a quick breakfast …..a kichdi of cornflakes, banana, honey and milk 😁 and we began our tour dΓ¨ city. My friend owns a 2 wheeler which would be our horse for the rest of the day.

We visited places like…..

….. Magarpatta a commercial zone where my friend has her new office situated. (I am still confused as to why the name sounds too southee ??)

……JM road….named after a saint Junglee Maharaj. This place is like an oasis in a desert. A quite place consisting of some caves. It was nice to see a few students from near by colleges studying in the premises. Perhaps the ethos of the place provided them the peace required to acquire knowledge. ( The same opportunity given to my students, and they would be busy clicking selfies)

FC road……….. Ferguson College road.

MG road……..a good place for Street shopping . We stop by at a famous Parsi fast food eatery named “Marz-o-rin” I guess the name comes from ‘margarine’ that is used in biscuits. A friend of mine had very greatly the Shrewsbury biscuits from Kayani Bakery in Pune. The dicription sounded divine……. Since a visit to Kayani Bakery was not possible, hence i purchased some of the same biscuits from Marz- o-rin … have a taste of the divinity 😁.

Finally our last stop was the D Mart …..A store where you get most of the stuff at very discounted rates. I was only supposed to shop for slippers, but I set my self on a shopping spree which ended up with me purchasing a suitcase to carry all the goods along.

In the midst of the shopping spree we didn’t realize how time flew. We had only 1/2 hour left to catch the train going home. I was cool until my friend warned that we might miss the train. Suddenly I had my heart thumping and my thoughts running wild. The last time I visited the city I had almost missed the bus. Was I destined to miss something or the other from this city……???? Was it gonna be today???? What would my mother think….she wouldn’t be proud for all the household shopping I did, if I missed the train 😱.

We managed to hire a rickshaw. Its a common observation that if you are in a hurry, every other thing slows down. The driver seemed to be old and was equally slow. I pleaded to him in Marathi to speed up, to which he paid no heed😭. We both kept checking the time and calculating our chances ……Time ticked as we stopped at every signal…and our chances kept becoming bleak.

Finally we reached the station and it was a mad run……totally mad. I made my way through the crowd, as I dragged the weight of my shopping spree. Oh how I wish I hadn’t shopped at all. My cap was determined to delay me further, as it kept dropping on the way. We didn’t notice any train on the platform as we made our way towards it. My friend in a soft voice declared…..”It’s gone”. The worst had happened πŸ˜₯.

I had prayed to God that if he willed, we should be getting the train. Maybe he didn’t will…… We still kept moving to the platform as though to confirm our loss. Just then we saw a train moving along the platform. Alas!! It was our train. My thoughts ran even wilder now…… Should I get into a moving train???? What about my heavy luggage…..??? My friend ended the wild thoughts as she happily declared that the train had just arrived. Hurray! Hurray! My happiness knew no bounds for a few moments. God willed in our favour. Thank you Lord 😁.

We boarded the train. It waited for almost 20 min more…..Making me feel like a fool on a mad run. Finally the train began chugging…… it marked the end of a short trip…..and a long post.

Finally allz well that endz well…😁