Trains….. Something I have the worst memories about, when it comes to traveling.

The 4th largest railway network in the world, the Indian Railways was started by the British in 1853 and Nationalised after independence as one unit in 1950. Today it stands as an important life line of our country be it for tarde and commerce or commute.

But unfortunately ………and really unfortunately I am not happy about the progress the railways has done over all these decades. The fastest train in India …..Gatiman express can run on an average speed of 160kmph……far behind the world’s fastest train the Shanghai Maglev with an average speed of 360kmph…….Need I say more???

OK fine let’s keep the speed aside……Can I expect a little cleanliness? Swatch Bharat? ……I know the railways can’t be entirely blamed…..People have to be blamed first. There is so much to be eaten and drunk on the train, right from wada paos , noodles , chai to biyanis and cold drinks. But where does all the waste go? ………..Most of it will end up strewn in the boogies or out of the train where the garbage adorns the railway lines.

Why are the toilet facilities so pathetic??? Either the water is endlessly flowing down the drain or the taps are running dry. The wash basins chocked with leftovers of food articles, the toilets smeared with remains of human leftovers. Gross!!!! Is not the word.

Whom do I hold accountable?? ……The Railways or the people, I really don’t know.

The railways ultimately is undeniably the lifeline of our country, allowing long distance movement of people at reasonable rates. But can I expect some improvement in the basic services if not in the speed at least.

One of the advantages of railway travel is that the railway routes pass through some of the most beautiful terrains of the country……….so the passenger is blest to see some rare sites that you wouldn’t get to see in the other means of transport.

Recently I traveled back home from Pune by train……Second class sleeper to be precise. I was disgusted by the lack of cleanliness in the compartment and the toilets. …..And equally irritated by the people around……Specially a bunch of uncivilized boys. But the only best part of the journey were the beautiful sights I saw……..the barren hills , the peacocks, the rainforests and of course …..the Dudhsagar waterfall

These are few of the clicks…..

Train journeys could have been awesome if facilities had to improve and surely if people could also improve their civic sense.