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where do we draw the line?

As a child I was told that there are lines I shouldn’t cross. I sweared I wouldn’t but I needed to know where the lines were drawn.

I noticed 2 sides …….Both equally disturbing.

One side with rising hemlines and dangerously dropping necklines……..the other drapped in black from head to toe.

One gloryfying the nakedness……the other condemning beauty as sin.

How do we define morality?

Where do we draw the line???

One side happy about their drunken Odysseys ………the other maintaining strictness and discipline.

One justifying sin as adventure………the other still carrying the loss owed to the drink.

When the older generation sets a bad example, what does the the younger do???

Where do we draw the line???

One side is a marriage of convenience………..the other side, an inconvenient love story.

One, sticks to all the norms set by society………the other blatantly breaks the rules, all for love.

Love was meant to be divine….how does it become evil when it breaks the norm?

Where do we draw the line???

One side hungry for gossip, rape of character being their forte ………the other side silent spectators, expecting God to be the judge.

One side swear by hypocrisy…….the other side swear they are blind.

Hate the sin not the sinner……why is it easy to condemn rather than help??

Where do we draw the line ???

A line was meant to join 2 dots, but in this world of a zillion dots, I am still lost on wondering ……….Where do we draw the line?



Joalita .....or Jolta is just one from the crowd. And every post on this blog is one from the crowd of the random thoughts that pass her mind.

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